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form of Fraud? Reviewed By Jason Virginia Sex Male Rating ***** Date February 06, 2006 permalink Visit There are a lot of factors at work that can either make look good or bad. I think most people’s problems with match occur because match capitalizes on the fact that they are the most popular website in the online dating industry. They charge an obscene amount of money Adu t Friend Finder and have a lot in common, clubbing and music???? Also when you are a 10 you cant get blocked. You can rip them and they love it calling you cheeky. They are so dumb its unreal what they do for a 10 Do these woman really expect 10s to email them when they are maybe a 4 themselves? As someone said they must be getting 100s a day from men swooning over them and they become deluded. In the real Adu t Friend Finder she’s not so normal hmmm weird! so I met another girl same result she used me all she wanted was sex..and i didn’t give it to her bc i told her i wasn’t that type of guy so she left and never looked back, but neither did I 🙂 This site really sucks if you’re a guy because no telling the ratio of men to women. I made a fake profile and put an attractive woman as the pic…and within 20-30 Adu t Friend Finder Adu t Friend Finder

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