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to give one the “opportunity” to contact another. Match also uses manipulation tactics to give non-paying customers the impression that they may receive more response than they would if they were actually paying. Match further uses this “paying/non-paying” black box to deceive the paying customers into thinking anyone they email will have the ability to write back. For these reasons, Adu tFriendFinder world these chicks wouldnt get looked at twice, on POF they are princesses with ridiculous standards What it means for the 4s is that men like me maybe a 7 or 8 which in “normal” life would get snapped up by these woman are discarded for better pickings. No point being mad, just laugh at them Reviewed By Sam Element Los Angeles Sex Male Rating ***** Date October 25, 2010 permalink Visit Adu tFriendFinder minutes i had 15 e-mails, 8 meet me’s, few instant was like a wildfire! i couldn’t beleive all the attention this fake profile was getting…this is only the beginning of what’s to come lol I was lucky to get 2 emails in a week…moral of the story is. if you’re a guy unless you look like brad pitt, collin farrel, nick lashay, nick carter, etc…or just a model type body/looks Adu tFriendFinder Adu tFriendFinder

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