said, a number of them were not what they had portrayed themselves to be. Height, weight, age, job, etc. The genuinely good and honest guys unfortunately all had issues in the long run. Jealousy, insecurity, the fact that I’m a single mom…I was disappointed more than a few times. I also found that they did not take rejection well at all. Never, in my enire life, have I had ANYONE, much the baggage carrying, damaged goods they really are. Complaints written on their profiles about men and not finding “Mr. Right, and the One” are useless nonsense only for attention from average looking Joe’s (who may be serious) to stroke their over inflated ego’s and self worth, getting a chuckle with their friends, and laughing about it with the ’10’ (I’ve also had them tell me that when or booty call. I know this sounds harsh, but it’s ultimately, what I found to be the truth more often than not. e.) Be VERY leery of guys who cozy up to you too fast and/or seem too good to be true — because they are. All that said, good luck, ladies, and be careful if you decide to still try it out. Reviewed By Miss Flatty USA Sex Female Rating ***** Date April 09, 2011 permalink Visit

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