men had their own “issues” and there’s probably a reason they’re still at it. Reviewed By disgusted philadelphia Sex Female Rating ***** Date January 31, 2006 permalink Visit ZERO stars, actually! My experience with started out somewhat nicely…my inbox was always full. I communicated with some pretty nice guys. I even met a lot of them. But as the previous reviewer AdulFriendFinder *Unless the profile is only (model-esque) taken pictures or one picture posted it’s most likely fake. They WILL reply to the “hawt” guy almost instantaneously, initate IM’s, add to favorites etc. Those women are on there for a variety of reasons: Upgrade a current boyfriend behind his back, looking for the ’10’ looking guy, money, dinners, etc. All while hoping the ’10’ accepts them for AdulFriendFinder months. I’ve actually found that the more time a guy spends on this site, the less of a “catch” he is. Don’t kid yourself. He’s not still available because he’s “picky” or because he’s still “looking for the right woman.” The truth is more likely that he’s still single because he’s troubled, has major personality flaws, is unattractive or is just in the process of setting up his next con AdulFriendFinder AdulFriendFinder

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