Adult Friend Finder

they may not respond unless they subscribe, then fine. At least then I could make an informed choice. 3. Verification service. I mean come on? This will weed out the spammers, and a lot of the flakes. Make it voluntary, and charge extra t get a background check run. Maybe a little seal of approval? 4. No photo, then no post profile. Need I say more? This will weed out even more Looney Tunes. Adult Friend Finder messenger service has not been working lately. Profiles are deleted without warning and not for obvious reasons. I think this is the worst thing about the site – deleting someone’s profile. After they have made contacts and worked towards meeting someone, they lose everything. Most men on here are lonely and depressed as it is, usually from how society treats us, whether it be by women who Adult Friend Finder tell a little about yourself and wait. women want men who are about something and will treat her like a lady. dont be cheap!!!!! do it right. even if your not the best looking man in the world make your personality big. but if your a jerk, you will always be a jerk. Reviewed By Noodles Sex Male Rating ***** Date April 03, 2011 permalink Visit Plentyoffish (Plenty Of Fish) Awful site women Adult Friend Finder Adult Friend Finder

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