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number of emails, but received very few responses. Toward the end of my subscription I sent out a barrage of emails to women almsot at random. In these test emails I just introduced myself and asked for a response to show that the email had been received, to see whether the service worked. None of these emails were replied to either. So I called and talked with a representative of, Adult Friens Finder not blame POF. Just because you paid them money in no way means they can screen everyone, hold your hand and be sure no one will lie to you or drop you beacuse they are immature and shallow. That is the majority of the world folks. I suggest you wake up and realize it and quite blaming the personals services for other peoples short comings. Even the most proclaimed, righteous, religious Adult Friens Finder again. Then they expect perfection as though they are so desirable! There is contact back and forth, then they disappear, why?? Someone “better” came along, and it goes on and on and the same faces sit there for year after year wondering why they don’t meet a decent man. How about because nobody is worthy of them and even a very handsome,active professional man is not given a second look. Adult Friens Finder Adult Friens Finder

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