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my dating pool. Despite what most of my male friends think, men are not “beating down my door” to date me. I have been described as the “total package” (adjectives used include: interesting, financially and emotionally solid, fun, clever, socially and cerebrally engaging, fit, understanding of male ego thanks to older brothers, and yes, good looking). I appreciate a man who is assured (read: Adult sex hookups on it sometime during 2008 and since then the only dates I’ve been on are the ones I regret! A real bunch of winners I must say. Don’t get me started on some of these jokes of a profile, especially ones with girls saying “if you’re interested message me :)” or “I like meeting new people so hit me up” or whatever the hell. I can safely say that about 80% of those profiles are phonies. Mostly Adult sex hookups first time, trust me on this, stay away. Save the 35 bucks, get a movie, go out with friends. I will never go back there. Stay away! Reviewed By The Dude los angeles Sex Male Rating ***** Date January 23, 2006 permalink Visit JDate From a younger perspective: it seems like jdate is mainly for people in their 30’s so I figured I’d give some input from a younger point of view (23 years old Adult sex hookups Adult sex hookups

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