of my virtues (as I learned through this experience) is PATIENCE, I did for exactly 2 full years. In that period, I corresponded with scores of women, expecially in the first 6 months. There were many, for various reasons, I weeded out. In total, I met with two-dozen (24) on dates. That’s an average of 1 per month. Amazingly, in that whole period, I was stood up only once. Not AdultFindler secretary” I think you’ll agree eh? Lmfao!!! :D” And guess what? Yep, it was “Unread deleted”… Reviewed By Sonia England Sex Female Rating ***** Date September 25, 2010 permalink Visit Plentyoffish (Plenty Of Fish) I wish there was a zero rating for this rubbish site. Reading though these reviews I think its so sad that there are so many of us who have been completely disappointed using AdultFindler there, the quality of men on jdate or any other site really suck, you men really need to shape up you guys are really going into the dumps, if i needed to rate men on these internet dating service, i would have to give them a 1 or 2, come on men that is really bad, you are going to have to do better then this to win and woo woman over. in the four years that i have been on jdate, i have AdultFindler AdultFindler

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