bad, considering the competition amongst men for women. But rarely did these go past 1 or 2 dates. There was simply no compatibility. Why? It’s been said here before, women online have too many unrealistic expectations. As a laid back fella, I felt no drive to even begin to pretend that I was going to try to fulfill these demands. I am professionally driven, that is my number one. To me, AdultFinfer POF – men as well as ladies. I also sent out endless individually crafted emails, taking great care to include details of the profile to show I had read it, and surprise, surprise, no reply. I thought that it was just the men who were lazy at even attempting to send a polite ‘no thank you’, but reading this page, its seems some ladies can be as bad. Has no-one on there got the slightest AdultFinfer been out with about thirty men and only two where of good quality, lets face it women when it comes to dating in baltimore or dc, the men are in pretty sad shape, what is going on with you men, i would love some feed back on why those of the male gender are of poor quality. Reviewed By jaded phila pa Sex Female Rating ***** Date December 20, 2005 permalink Visit JDate Well, I would really AdultFinfer AdultFinfer

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