AdultFriendField net

blame match for much. I think their email system might be messed up occasionally.. and I think all the fake profiles are not there from match.. I think many bitter men don’t really know how to entice a woman (this includes myself!).. I think all the reviews are true.. the above average women get tons of emails and they become what men are.. shallow. Many of the women I have dated have to AdultFriendField net on at that age)? Then as soon as you start talking to them as if woman don’t post enough photos on the site, they have the nerve to ask if i could send photos of myself to their personal website lol as if they are a hot commodity and look like “Duane the rock, brad Pitt or Denzel” lol are you kidding me? As if women are that desperate and are some kind of piece of meat lining up for the AdultFriendField net and apparently their board either feels its not needed OR they just don’t want to pay for it. Why bother if you have a lot of wealthy professionals spinning the wheel of romance. I wonder if JDate realizes the universe of Jews is limited and they will soon hit that – and for the smart ones that leave they will never return. But surly if the site were well managed this would help. Such as AdultFriendField net AdultFriendField net

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