shut off their profiles occasionally just to catch back up. I think internet dating is a ridiculous necessity that will never go away and will change and has changed dating forever.. and I think there are many good and bad points. I also think that women have become very picky and I think women who have never been married in their 30’s and 40’s will never be married and never be successful AdultFriendFiender losers next meal. Where do they get theses swine , seriously most of them probably had a good person from the start and got restless trying to be 20 again and left their families and bought a Harley looking for the next woman’s life to destroy. People would probably have better luck looking at men from a police line up at least they would be transparent and you would know their rap-sheet AdultFriendFiender instituting a more powerful search engine, indicating paying vs. visit only, removing non active members – say who have been off the site more then 6 months. Of course if they did that then perspective romance seekers would really see the limited availability JDate offers. As to meeting perspective women, I agree with most other males that women just do not reply. I hate to admit but if AdultFriendFiender AdultFriendFiender

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