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paste and try to send this letter yourself on I have no doubt it will not go thru for I have tried many times. Do you have yahoo or msn messenger by chance? I have both and a web cam. Chatting online is so much fun when you can actually see the other person. It is much easier to carry on a conversation when you are getting an instant feedback… Talk to you later ……Ralph Reviewed AdultFriendFinder member login Fish) I have mixed feelings about the Plenty of Fish site. On the one hand, I encountered several unsavory characters that misrepresented themselves. Upon meeting a few, I became frustrated and disappointed with the site. On the other hand, the final person I did meet (I shut down my profile before we met, but we’d already agreed to meet and I didn’t have the heart to say no), turned out AdultFriendFinder member login 2005 permalink Visit JDate I have to agree with much of what I’ve read on this site. I joined j-date 3 months ago. When I first did a search as a non-member, it seemed as though there were alot of men on the site. Once I became a member I realized that most of these men had not even logged on to the site in more than 3 years. I feel this is false advertising and there should be some recourse. AdultFriendFinder member login AdultFriendFinder member login

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