e-mail saying “thanks for the wink” but you never initiated communication with the person? Or similarly, if someone e-mailed you saying “I noticed you viewed my profile…” and you didn’t. If it has happened to you, e-mail me at, I would like to hear about it. Also, if you have hidden your profile from view but it mysteriously keeps turning back on by itself. P.S. AdultFriendFined people…upgraded to the pay site and met a nice man that was divorced. I dated him briefly and broke it off because he wasn’t really over his divorce. I don’t blame the site, but, I recommend going very slow when you are getting to know anyone you meet on the web. Get the face to face meet and greet done quickly…no need to wait to see what they are like for real. Avoid giving your cell AdultFriendFined obliged to defend Jdate. I believe that people have the types of Jdate experiences that they have with non-jdate experiences. I went into Jdate expecting little more than to put myself in circulation after a rut. I presented myself honestly, and had an open mind. What I found was a great forum for meeting new people … and ultimately, my husband (we got married last month). Even if I had AdultFriendFined AdultFriendFined

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