are likely to reveal more about themselves through anonymous methods than in dates. Let’s face it; the majority of people are really not themselves during dates. So in many ways getting acquainted on line before meeting physically could be more revealing for both sides. As Martha would say this is a good thing if true compatibility is sought. Reviewed By Chris St. Louis, Mo. Sex Male Rating AdultFriendFrinder men send me very insulting messages to the tune of such intellegent gems….”yo probably have yo baby’s daddy payin’ all yo bills….bitch”. These guys get blocked immediatley. As far as looks go, I have seen very handsome to well….not so handsome. I don’t like to be mean about outward appearances. I have responded to a lot of first messages by men, only to never hear from them again, AdultFriendFrinder can spoil the whole batch. I choose to remain positive. I figure I’m a member and my profile is honest. I’m “normal” and I’m sure there are plenty more members like me. Let’s stop trying to place blame where it doesn’t belong. Reviewed By A/B Terry B Brauer Seattle Sex Female Rating ***** Date July 01, 2005 permalink Visit JDate I recognized someone from my home town (chicago) who lied about AdultFriendFrinder AdultFriendFrinder

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