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good to be true then it probably is. The beauty of the internet is that even if it is too good you can still try communicating just in case it is really true. Just keep in mind that most likely it is bogus and don’t get too caught-up in it to get emotionally or financially hurt. Reviewed By New Yorker Take A Guess Sex Male Rating ***** Date November 28, 2005 permalink Visit Someone AdultFriendrFinder english permalink Visit Plentyoffish (Plenty Of Fish) Well Ive only been here a few days now that is why you only got the 2 stars..I came here to read the reviews and it has already freaked me out a little . I have been on along with and found them both to be a joke. What ever happend to the good ol fashioned way of just meeting ? And where do you go to meet single normal men? AdultFriendrFinder english line, looking for “something better”? If I had a date with a man I met in a bar, I am quite sure he wouldn’t go to another bar following the date to “try to find someone better”. Also, these men are SO cheap. They want to meet for a quick drink. Are they still in high school? I don’t go for a quick drink. I want a nice meal. I want to put the effort into meeting the man and trying to find AdultFriendrFinder english AdultFriendrFinder english

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