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value I’ve obtained from their services, dishonesty is big no no for me and if they’ve even done it once, they are low life scum bags to me. I will definitely be more vigilant from now on since the ugly deed of match has been exposed. Reviewed By Heidi CA Sex Female Rating ***** Date November 20, 2005 permalink Visit match, yahoo, the cat’s out of the bag! eharmony i’m sure will AdultFriendrFinders isn’t one in return. Bully for those guys! THANK YOU for being honest with me, now we can stop wasting each other’s time. So if I can shade down my ego enough to accept that, why can’t you? Meh. All in all, this site is 1 star. Why? Because DATING is 1 star and we all know it. Dating sucks. It’s a merry-go-round: bullshitbullshitbullshit, sexsexsex, pretensepretensepretense and maybe you AdultFriendrFinders might. My only criticism is not of the site, but about some of the people who use it. I’m surprised at how many women completely ignore a friendly email–even people who have looked at your profile, or say it’s okay to email them after a generic “tease.” I get alot of offers from women to start up online conversations and I always politely decline if I’m not interested. I don’t know why AdultFriendrFinders AdultFriendrFinders

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