“Christian” site would allow same sex matching? I’m not being homophobic, I’m simply stating that the Bible, which I believe to be the word of God, does not condone homosexuality, so why in the world would a Christian site aid in same sex matching? Sounds to me like a bunch of non-Christians found a niche market to exploit for whatever they can get out of it. But maybe that’s one of the AdultFriendster overweight. One of these women responded. I told her point blank that I have worked very hard to keep my weight under control and would hope that she could see fit to work on hers, as it is a life or death matter, especially in the above 50 y/o set. We agreeg to meet for coffee and she exclaimed that I looked a LOT better in person than the picture. There was no chemistry at all and after AdultFriendster if he is too elaborate in the date planning and investment before meeting you, run! Date wisely, look out for people who are strange and enjoy! Use your best picture, try different pictures to see what works and be careful about how you present yourself. Be real and take a risk. Reviewed By Mitch Massachusetts Sex Male Rating ***** Date May 12, 2005 permalink Visit JDate I was on JDATE years AdultFriendster AdultFriendster

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