reasons that the site is as it is. Christians seem to be staying away, or moving away, in droves. I did a quick search for women close to me. Get this: The search turned up 50 profiles. Of the 50, 45 were active either “within 3 months” or not active in excess of three months. I believe “within three months” actually means between two and three months, so 90%, yes, 90% of the potential matches/contacts AdultFriendt a few more phone calls, I told her this. This is when the hate mail began flowing in. It would seem that this person emailed litterally hundreds of women “about me” and to steer clear. I was called everything in the book. Bye American women. If I saw 1% of the natural hatred out there, I am not available for dating ever again. there are some very nasty people on that site. it is such a shame. AdultFriendt ago. I had some good and some bad experiences – but I can’t blame JDATE for that. However, when I read that JDATE was posting fake profiles, I logged back on and found my profile was “recreated” and the my picture was reposted and my essays were re-written, despite the fact that I suspended my membership. What’s with that? Reviewed By ohnonotagain farfaraway Sex Female Rating ***** Date AdultFriendt AdultFriendt

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