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website thieves your money. It’s really YOUR fault more than theirs, as they would be running a different scam if you weren’t such a bunch of desperate loser dorks. A fool and his money are soon parted, just like it says in Proverbs. So suffer, FOOL!!! Reviewed By Jim Ohio Sex Male Rating ***** Date January 28, 2006 permalink Visit BigChurch I joined Big Church a few months ago and was very AdultFrienedFinder member login badly written that you wouldnt want to mail them anyway. There seems to be a lot of baggage on here, lots of profile mention no liars or chearts which makes you think that they have had that in the past. yet again why would you say that? who is going to admin that they lie and cheat. I guess the men must take some of the blame too, if there wasnt so many of them on the site then the woman AdultFrienedFinder member login some of them are the ones “dissing” Jdate here If you look like a dork or a loser you will not have much luck on any dating service. I think that some of the bad reviews that state that the whole Jdate service is a sham must be the fat, dorky, undesireable, funny looking dweebs. I am surprised to read some of the reviews here. I have used Jdate on and off for over 5 years. I have had three AdultFrienedFinder member login AdultFrienedFinder member login

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