By kmh California Sex Female Rating ***** Date July 17, 2012 permalink Visit ChristianMingle I’m rating Christian Mingle low for a number of reasons. I signed up and paid for a membership. Their matching is basically useless. I entered my preferences in my profile and then started getting lots of matches. The problem is that I didn’t match their preferences. I was too old, not fit enough, AdultriendFinder most women are looking for an ego boost, the women rarely ever respond, they disappear out of nowhere, stand you up, etc. I’m not expecting pay sites to be a magic bullet, but I’ve known friends who have had better success with pay sites and that’s pretty much what I’m gonna stick to for the time being. I might come back sometime and report how that’s going. Reviewed By Jane NJ Sex Female AdultriendFinder to the jewish community because people can’t build real connections. jdate is not a launching pad for the community, it’s a cold, focused cash-cow for it’s owners, who sadly typify the worst shylock aspects that Jews are criticized for the world over. // To change topics a bit and give a more complete review, first off, you have to really put it all in context, i mean, after all, it is a AdultriendFinder AdultriendFinder

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