your email address. You haven’t even communicated with this person yet, and they want your email address. I don’t think so. Next is their policy of forcing you to sign up for auto-renewal when you pay for a membership. I should at least be able to toggle that off. Of course they have a no refund policy. Reviewed By imnohero michigan Sex Male Rating ***** Date June 15, 2012 permalink Visit AdultsFriendsFinder Then you get a nice email from what seems to be a nice guy, you respond, then you get a vulgar email back. Then there are the guys that seem nice & normal but you look at the profile & there is just no attraction or you don’t seem to have much in common or they are too far away, etc. I used to respond nicely to those men but I got sick of the emails back – some cursing me off, some calling AdultsFriendsFinder looking for quality guys: I put a lot of time into my profile, and I am looking for someone who invested a similar effort to share something special about herself. If you put more time into your profile, you self-select into the kind of people you want to meet. I am not a paying member, but 12 people have written me (they initiated) in the last 3 months or so; a couple of them were sharp AdultsFriendsFinder AdultsFriendsFinder

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