ChristianMingle Well they tell you its free to join, but they dont tell you you have to pay to contact anyone. Its like you can look and be looked at but you can’t do anything about it. I wanted to put that in my profile but they will review it and never let it stay I bet. Good luck. Reviewed By L. Lee Chicago Sex Female Rating ***** Date June 06, 2012 permalink Visit ChristianMingle WARNING/ AdultsFriendsFinders me names, etc. So now I don’t respond anymore. And let me tell you, most men don’t respond either. 99% of the emails I send to me go unanswered & I really don’t care. If they aren’t interested, then so be it, I don’t need to hear them tell me that. Overall, the site is a pool of idiots with a few nice people mixed in. As much as we all hate to pay for this kind of thing, at least it helps AdultsFriendsFinders enough to find my personal email address hidden in the profile so they could write to me directly. And although I have the classic top-tier education, I am not a doctor or lawyer, nor 6 feet tall either. I would say that I write well though, and I am pretty expressive about the things I like and what I would like to see in gf/wife. I guess I am the kind of guy who doesn’t have any trouble AdultsFriendsFinders AdultsFriendsFinders

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