eternal). Lo and behold, every time you finish filling out all 20 pages of their form (or what feels like it), and finally click Complete Registration, it suddenly goes back to the home page. That’s it. It doesn’t complete your registration, it DELETES it. You just wasted 10 minutes of your life filling out something that their website throws out the window. I tested this in Chrome, Firefox, AdutFriendFinder that have 2 or 3 different fathers (That just doesn’t work for me) If you have been divorced less than two years If you only shave your legs twice a week…. Ughhh….. (Can you say HYGIENE?) If you live with room mates If you are in AA or if you are a DUI offender If you are still writing checks at the Supermarket. LOL (Can you say DEBIT CARD) LMAO Yes we all bring stuff to the table and AdutFriendFinder 🙂 I’m a Russian Jew ( I consider myself to be more Jewish than Russian). I’ve had 5 dates from Jdate for 5 years. I do not want to tell you about my looks ( I think I look good, but it’s subjective). I’m not a doctor, neither a lawyer, I’m not 6 feet tall (5’8″). I work and study my way through life. So, my life is in order. I just do not understand why I do not get any replies. I’ve had AdutFriendFinder AdutFriendFinder

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