his church was letting him preach at family services where he would bring his dates before he was divorced from wife number 3. I have never seen anything like this before. Church of God sure has changed. I cancelled my account and will have nothing to do with them. Reviewed By Kate MI Sex Female Rating ***** Date March 29, 2012 permalink Visit ChristianMingle I wish I could give CM a 0 star! AfultFriendFinder 3rd. Your review had me laughing so hard! The women in Ohio clearly don’t know what they’re missing out on. You seem to have a great personality and I think you’re very intelligent. Hmmm, I wish there was a way to contact you Tom from Ohio. Tom from Ohio who posted Aug 3rd, look for Histidine on POF 😉 Reviewed By Funmagnet California Sex Male Rating ***** Date August 09, 2010 permalink AfultFriendFinder you sent it to pay to read it!! If I shipped out a gift (a first contact should be a nice thing I would think) and then found they had to pay for the delivery guy to leave it I would be pissed. Well that is what JDate is doing turn your attempt to contact a potential Beshert into a financial transaction. I was a member for quite some time before I realized this is why 75% of my email was AfultFriendFinder AfultFriendFinder

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