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our end.” I wrote back to them explaining in detail how the log in email and newly reset password being unmatched by their database is not an issue affected by the end user’s browser or internet connection. I then provided my information again, and suggested they actually, you know, check their database and provide support for a paying customer. Guess what reply I received? “Unfortunately, AdulyFriendFinder you are looking for sex and don’t have any of the other elements to offer If you have only one photo here and it’s a head shot If your photos were taken more than 1 year ago (No excuse, we are in the Digital Age) If you talk on the phone with me and you never shut the heck up and never give me a chance to talk If you think that you still have to “scan” photos into the computer LMAO If you AdulyFriendFinder in your profile. Finally, I agree with the comments that women are always looking for the meal ticket– only once has a woman offered to pay half, so for all of you complaining about the glaring lack of menschkite in your dating experiences, realize that in general, the frustration is on average, about the same on both sides. Reviewed By Sergey Houston, TX Sex Male Rating ***** Date October AdulyFriendFinder AdulyFriendFinder

Aduly Friend Finder

my browser or my internet? Really? It’s pretty obvious that whoever wrote their email templates has little to no understanding of the internet, and decided to write something as vaguely technical as he could, and try to pass the blame on to the customer. “Oh, I totally can’t see any problem from my end. The reason you can’t log in with your account is YOUR fault, everything is PERFECT on Aduly Friend Finder August 10, 2010 permalink Visit Plentyoffish (Plenty Of Fish) Honestly, I cannot take this site seriously anymore. I am 48 yrs of age and have been divorced 13 years and I know what works for me and what doesn’t lol. Here is a list that DOES NOT work for me. LOL I actually have this posted in my ad on POF OK, Here is the fun part: PLEASE DO NOT CONTACT ME IF THE FOLLOWING APPLY TO YOU If Aduly Friend Finder out there aren’t posting their true profiles. The shitty men drive the best women away, so face it, the genteel among us have to find another way to reach them. The only way to find them is to write a great profile of your own (anyone who wants to see mine can look to my nickname on this site for a clue), from the heart, and hope that they contact you, that they find your email address hidden Aduly Friend Finder Aduly Friend Finder

Aduly Freind Finder

exactly that. I received a reply that I would frankly be embarrassed to send out to customers if I were on their end: “Unfortunately, I am not seeing a cause for the problem you are having. Your best option is to restore your browsers default settings and to contact your ISP (Internet Service Provider.)” So the reason that they cannot find my newly reset password in their database is… Aduly Freind Finder I tried to message a woman who had those restrictions to inform her of the predicament she has put herself in but my message was naturally blocked. She was seeking a man for an intimate encounter, but didn’t want to receive messages from anyone who had messaged a user looking for an intimate encounter. And she said she had a graduate degree. Reviewed By Jay CT Sex Male Rating ***** Date Aduly Freind Finder an ad on craigslist posing as a woman, and write a really great ad, and you’re guaranteed to get an inbox full of penis pictures and lurid sex fantasy offers from the finer retards that have an X chromosome but not much more, or worse, the greasy shallow finance guy who’s probably married and has two kids, but wants to take you to Paris next weekend. So… it’s no wonder that the best women Aduly Freind Finder Aduly Freind Finder

Adulty Friend Finder

to inform me that my newly reset password was invalid. I repeated this multiple times with the same result. Their password reset is either: a) not working and the password does not actually reset b) does not sync with the website Their FAQs have a section recommending that you write to them with your name, location, and email if you should encounter this issue, and I then wrote to them detailing Adulty Friend Finder What’s funny is that the restrictions they place on who is allowed to contact them states that you are not allowed to contact them if you have ever messaged anyone who is looking for an intimate encounter. Not that you yourself are looking for an intimate encounter, but if you’ve ever had the gall to message anyone who is looking for an intimate encounter they don’t want to hear from you. Adulty Friend Finder crowd, and some lazy depressed out of shape self-loathing cases too… but you take the bad ones politely and let them go gently, and hope that one of the real princesses finds you. If you think jdate is bad, go check out craigslist for a while; what a nasty rotten thing that’s become. And if you’re a guy, and want to really understand the shit that women deal with from these sites, post Adulty Friend Finder Adulty Friend Finder

Adultt Friend Finder

LET THE BUYER BEWARE: Watch out if you should EVER need customer support in any way–whether you have technical issues/ account issues/ etc. Their customer support is nonexistent. Case in point: I lost my account password after a brief hiatus. I used the password reset form and the resulting email verification, then attempted to log in to the site with my new password. It then proceeded Adultt Friend Finder to weed out the people that aren’t really serious. Reviewed By deuce Louisiana Sex Male Rating ***** Date August 12, 2010 permalink Visit Plentyoffish (Plenty Of Fish) That site is a joke. I scan all the users within a 50 mile radius of my location, regardless of what kind of relationship they’re looking for. I have found a few who say they are looking for a man for an intimate encounter. Adultt Friend Finder meeting people in the real world, but I too like to spend a little time on the site because I believe in the basic premise that life is a lot more busy than it used to be, and having some filtered assistance in finding jewish women is a great thing. Jewish women are as eclectic as any other kind of women, and so I accept that there are definitely some shallow gold-digger wenches among the Adultt Friend Finder Adultt Friend Finder


ChristianMingle Well they tell you its free to join, but they dont tell you you have to pay to contact anyone. Its like you can look and be looked at but you can’t do anything about it. I wanted to put that in my profile but they will review it and never let it stay I bet. Good luck. Reviewed By L. Lee Chicago Sex Female Rating ***** Date June 06, 2012 permalink Visit ChristianMingle WARNING/ AdultsFriendsFinders me names, etc. So now I don’t respond anymore. And let me tell you, most men don’t respond either. 99% of the emails I send to me go unanswered & I really don’t care. If they aren’t interested, then so be it, I don’t need to hear them tell me that. Overall, the site is a pool of idiots with a few nice people mixed in. As much as we all hate to pay for this kind of thing, at least it helps AdultsFriendsFinders enough to find my personal email address hidden in the profile so they could write to me directly. And although I have the classic top-tier education, I am not a doctor or lawyer, nor 6 feet tall either. I would say that I write well though, and I am pretty expressive about the things I like and what I would like to see in gf/wife. I guess I am the kind of guy who doesn’t have any trouble AdultsFriendsFinders AdultsFriendsFinders


your email address. You haven’t even communicated with this person yet, and they want your email address. I don’t think so. Next is their policy of forcing you to sign up for auto-renewal when you pay for a membership. I should at least be able to toggle that off. Of course they have a no refund policy. Reviewed By imnohero michigan Sex Male Rating ***** Date June 15, 2012 permalink Visit AdultsFriendsFinder Then you get a nice email from what seems to be a nice guy, you respond, then you get a vulgar email back. Then there are the guys that seem nice & normal but you look at the profile & there is just no attraction or you don’t seem to have much in common or they are too far away, etc. I used to respond nicely to those men but I got sick of the emails back – some cursing me off, some calling AdultsFriendsFinder looking for quality guys: I put a lot of time into my profile, and I am looking for someone who invested a similar effort to share something special about herself. If you put more time into your profile, you self-select into the kind of people you want to meet. I am not a paying member, but 12 people have written me (they initiated) in the last 3 months or so; a couple of them were sharp AdultsFriendsFinder AdultsFriendsFinder

Adults Friend Finder

too educated, etc. It’s a pretty simple thing with a computer to make sure that at least we match each other’s preferences. Some people have complained about con artists and people who weren’t Christian. Well, you’re going to have the same problem with any dating website. But the problem with Christian Mingle is that they don’t have any safeguards in place. One of their “smiles” asks for Adults Friend Finder Rating ***** Date August 14, 2010 permalink Visit Plentyoffish (Plenty Of Fish) Free sounds great until you try it. Unfortunately, free also means that everyone who isn’t serious will be using it. I scanned some of the reviews here & see they are mostly from men. So here’s a woman’s perspective. The majority of the emails I receive are men looking for sex, some emails are flat out pornographic. Adults Friend Finder cyber matchmaking thing, even if people have grand visions of finding the “one”. So people should reconsider their disillusionment. I think most women fail when it comes to writing a real profile, and most guys are only half-heartedly engaged in the search process. Those on both sides who are truly invested in the mindset of finding someone, usually do. A word to the wise for all you ladies Adults Friend Finder Adults Friend Finder


By kmh California Sex Female Rating ***** Date July 17, 2012 permalink Visit ChristianMingle I’m rating Christian Mingle low for a number of reasons. I signed up and paid for a membership. Their matching is basically useless. I entered my preferences in my profile and then started getting lots of matches. The problem is that I didn’t match their preferences. I was too old, not fit enough, AdultriendFinder most women are looking for an ego boost, the women rarely ever respond, they disappear out of nowhere, stand you up, etc. I’m not expecting pay sites to be a magic bullet, but I’ve known friends who have had better success with pay sites and that’s pretty much what I’m gonna stick to for the time being. I might come back sometime and report how that’s going. Reviewed By Jane NJ Sex Female AdultriendFinder to the jewish community because people can’t build real connections. jdate is not a launching pad for the community, it’s a cold, focused cash-cow for it’s owners, who sadly typify the worst shylock aspects that Jews are criticized for the world over. // To change topics a bit and give a more complete review, first off, you have to really put it all in context, i mean, after all, it is a AdultriendFinder AdultriendFinder

Adultr Friend Finder

this twisted company tries to jump through to extort money from its Christian customers. I’m fighting it tooth and nail because I firmly believe in standing up for what’s right and I don’e like being taken advantage of. If you want to read the formal complaint with bulletpoints I sent as a dispute to my credit card company, reply with a note of interest and I will gladly post it 🙂 Reviewed Adultr Friend Finder time), I just ignore them, but that’s just another way to do it. I actually recently closed my account with pof. I got some dates from the site, but found it was way too much work for so little. I actually will be joining this weekend as I am sick of the absolutely non-serious attitude most women seem to have on that site. I’m on several free dating sites, and it’s all the same: Adultr Friend Finder // With the exception of the completely exorbitant pricing, and the fact that they do not pursue a policy of continuous improvement to make the service better, or really make it possible to suggest improvements, jdate isn’t as bad as people say– although the price is truly unbelievable… which is the cause of many members’ half-hearted membership, and which actually becomes a detriment Adultr Friend Finder Adultr Friend Finder