manager, is a (C)RUDE, antagonistic, accusatory witch, and I don’t use that statement lightly. I broke none of their rules but they claim they have the right to charge me with no refund. Beware- STAY AWAY FROM THIS SITE AT ALL COSTS….because believe me, the costs are non-refundable and not worth it!! Check the Terms of Conditions and Usage Policy; I did, and there are definitely loopholes AdulthFriendFinder 15, 2010 permalink Visit Plentyoffish (Plenty Of Fish) Jane from NJ: If you really want to be very polite about rejections, then you should send a nice message to the guys saying you don’t think you would both be compatible, and then block them. Personally, when I receive a message from a woman I don’t like (I very rarely ever receive first contacts from women, but it does happen time to AdulthFriendFinder general ailments of Jewish Culture in America. There’s a lot of disillusionment in these reviews… but that’s more the result of people being too busy to create the Jewish Community they want, rather than expect that it’s just there for them to harvest when it’s time to get married. You reap the seeds you sow… true in the Jewish Community at least as much as it is in life in general. AdulthFriendFinder AdulthFriendFinder


in money-making scams. Just look up their base company Spark Networks to see that this “Christian” angle is just a ploy to attract ‘Christian’ members. is without a doubt the worst paid-for dating website out there. I have spent the past week+ disputing a rediculous, no-refund charge on my credit card after cancelling my subscription. Gina, this website’s customer service AdultgriendFinder Visit Plentyoffish (Plenty Of Fish) Hi! I love this site. I get alot of hits and sure alot of them are misses. But try to be nice and most people will be nice , too. If not just BLOCK them. That is a great tool! But reading the guys reviews on here I would say lighten up, have some fun, and remember you get what you pay for! LOL Reviewed By Charles California Sex Male Rating ***** Date August AdultgriendFinder end up having as much success with JDate as I did! Reviewed By zj NYC Sex Male Rating ***** Date November 11, 2004 permalink Visit JDate When you read all of these ratings and reviews, pay attention to which ones are actually rating jdate, and which ones are rating their respective jewish communities… there’s a big difference, and you can’t fault a narrow, cyber-dating service for the AdultgriendFinder AdultgriendFinder


NO RESPONSE. Not even a confirmation email saying they received my ticket. like WTF???? Its been days and still no response. I would NOT reccommend this website. They will take your money and run. Reviewed By Lauren Chicago, IL Sex Female Rating ***** Date July 31, 2012 permalink Visit ChristianMingle is not a Christian company and they are in business to exploit members Adultfunder me to call and never answered and when I asked her why she went off on me. What gets me is those who say there figure is average and you can tell by there photo that it’s way above average does buffarila wring a bell with some of you. I’m going to move on to a pay site just haven’t figured out which one yet. Reviewed By funonthebeach florida Sex Female Rating ***** Date August 15, 2010 permalink Adultfunder apparently much despised JDate website. Some of you have complained about having to pay $20-$30/month for a JDate membership. But look at it from my point of view. I probably paid no more than three months worth of membership fees and I ended up meeting my wife. So, to me, paying $100 or so to meet the woman of my dreams truly was a small price to pay. I should only hope that all of you Adultfunder Adultfunder


interest. I paid for membership so that I would be able to message him and…I kid you not. The VERY next day I got locked out of my account. At first I thought I was typing in the wrong password. I reset my password, waited 2 hours(more on occasions) then went to try to log in again. IT DID NOT WORK! After trying this numerous times for a week, I tried contacting their customer service. AdultftiendFindet you read most of the womens profiles they all sound the same and it’s all I want,I want, I know there are some not so nice guys out there but how about the honest ones and the only way you will find out ladies is to talk and meet guys like me, I did get a couple of answers once,a 63 year old women said I was to, old another did not like my religion, another gave me her phone number told AdultftiendFindet lawyers or engineers (I work in the law enforcement field) and I did receive a good number of emails from women with whom I was compatible but the “spark” just wasn’t there. Like many Jewish guys out there, I’m not a model nor am I over six feet tall. I’m just an average weight, average height person who was looking for my soulmate. And it just so happens that I ended up finding her on the AdultftiendFindet AdultftiendFindet


THE PAST. Save your money…. VERY UNPROFESSIONAL STAFF IN CUSTOMER SERVICE AS WELL. Reviewed By LibraworlD USA, NC Sex Female Rating ***** Date August 02, 2012 permalink Visit ChristianMingle I do not know what to think of ChristianMingle. I signed up for an account, posted pictures of myself, filled in information and even took that color test. It took about 2 days before I found a man of AdultftiendFinder 🙂 As you can see, I really don’t take this site seriously. LOL Reviewed By John Govier Plymouth MI. Sex Male Rating ***** Date August 16, 2010 permalink Visit Plentyoffish (Plenty Of Fish) The frustration level with this site is way up there.I have written as many as 14 emails in a week and never received a answer my picture is not the best and my age of 67, turnes some women off. But if AdultftiendFinder violations that are just too blatant to ignore like “” but not “me at jdate dot com.” As for the women I’ve met over the years, most were relatively nice, non-JAP type people who were genuinely interested in meeting a nice Jewish guy (in my case, Israeli as well) like myself for a long-term relationship and/or marriage. They weren’t all gold-diggers in search of rich Jewish doctors, AdultftiendFinder AdultftiendFinder


***** Date August 16, 2012 permalink Visit ChristianMingle This site is THE WORST! I have been on and E harmony and I have met some great people. Due to one of them I was a 3 yr relationship that I consider good. THIS SITE IS NOT USER FRIENDLY. THEY DO NOT UPDATE PICTURES OR PROFILE INFORMATION IN A TIMLEY MANNER. THEY DO NOT TRACK WHO YOU HAVE ENGAGED IN CONVERSATION / EMAIL IN AdultFruendFinder you have been divorced less than two years If you only shave your legs twice a week…. Ughhh….. (Can you say HYGIENE?) If you live with room mates If you are in AA or if you are a DUI offender If you are still writing checks at the Supermarket. LOL (Can you say DEBIT CARD) LMAO Yes we all bring stuff to the table and I have my issues and faults but I know what works for me and what doesn’t. AdultFruendFinder I agree with what many of you have written about them. Their customer service is virtually non-existent. I found this out the hard way by trying to have them remove a profile of someone I knew who’d died many months before and they still hadn’t removed it the last time I checked! They claim to examine profiles for contact information which would be removed immediately but only end up removing AdultFruendFinder AdultFruendFinder


e-mails from them but I’ve tried numerous times to contact them by e-mail to try and stop them but I never get a response. These tactics are proof that they do not abide by honorable methods in their dating service. Although I would very much appreciate a good Christian woman in my life, I would never use ChristianMingle as a venue for meeting one. Reviewed By Jeff Aurora Sex Male Rating AdultFrriendFinder how to text or have a limited text plan (This is usually women over 43 yrs old) If you are looking for a man with money to take care of you If you are looking for a man with a Harley (No biker chicks please) LOL If you are not over your last relationship If you put a man before your children If you have 2 or 3 children that have 2 or 3 different fathers (That just doesn’t work for me) If AdultFrriendFinder each other before meeting in person for the first time. After numerous face-to-face meetings involving many round-trip flights from JFK to TPA and back, I asked her to marry me on April 16, 2003 and my new fiancee moved in with me on May 29, 2003. We were married on May 30, 2004 here in Tampa and the rest, as they say, is history. Despite my apparently rare success with JDate, in some ways, AdultFrriendFinder AdultFrriendFinder


any other website. So why not join some free websites rather than Christian Mingle? I wish there were a true Christian mingle site that is run by true Christians who truly serve God. Reviewed By Felix Aranegui Naples, Florida Sex Male Rating ***** Date August 17, 2012 permalink Visit ChristianMingle Stay away from this sight. They are very un-Christian-like. I don’t know how I started getting AdultFrriend If you have only one photo here and it’s a head shot If your photos were taken more than 1 year ago (No excuse, we are in the Digital Age) If you talk on the phone with me and you never shut the heck up and never give me a chance to talk If you think that you still have to “scan” photos into the computer LMAO If you own a “Trac Phone” where you have to buy your minutes If you don’t know AdultFrriend received the email that was about to change my life forever. On August 24, 2002, I received the first of many contacts via JDate from the woman who was to become my wife. Ironically, she was from New York but had lived in Florida for a while and had no objections about relocating again if the need ever arose. To make a long story short, we spent a few months on the phone getting to know AdultFrriend AdultFrriend


this site! It’s a shame that they use the Christian name to make money! At least two of my friends who used that website had money stolen by them out of their credit cards! Listening to their complaints just hurt. How did they steal our money? You will know once you join them. the only good thing about the site is that you’ll be able to make some friends there if you look good, just like AdultFroendFinder I cannot take this site seriously anymore. I am 48 yrs of age and have been divorced 13 years and I know what works for me and what doesn’t lol. Here is a list that DOES NOT work for me. LOL I actually have this posted in my ad on POF OK, Here is the fun part: PLEASE DO NOT CONTACT ME IF THE FOLLOWING APPLY TO YOU If you are looking for sex and don’t have any of the other elements to offer AdultFroendFinder November 12, 2004 permalink Visit JDate I first joined JDate in August 1999 in search of that special someone. Like many of you, I’d been a periodic JDate user and intermittently tried other Jewish singles websites with little success. After dating what felt like every Jewish woman in the Tampa, Florida area during the three years that followed and not finding what I was looking for, I finally AdultFroendFinder AdultFroendFinder


in the U.S, so you would think there would be some selection of women to pick from…..THEY DID NOT. The people they matched me up were not my race, were super old looking or very overweight. They should call it Total Rip-off. Reviewed By John HI Sex Male Rating ***** Date August 21, 2012 permalink Visit ChristianMingle All the previous warnings are correct. Stay away from AdultFrlendFinder lying. I thought maybe he was the one to change my life around. I was insane over him. now that he has revealed his true self, I wouldn’t touch him with a ten foot pole. Be careful ladies. Reviewed By Smiling N Happy Central CT Sex Male Rating ***** Date August 17, 2010 permalink Visit Plentyoffish (Plenty Of Fish) First, Smiling n Happy IS my POF Screen name so feel free to respond. Honestly, AdultFrlendFinder didn’t like the guys, sometimes it’s interesting to just meet new people. I prefer that over a night out in a bar. I’m not sure if I’ll actually meet anyone serious from this, but I am having fun. So if you hate going out to bars to meet guys, and just look at this as something fun to do, I think you can have a positive experience. Reviewed By David Tampa, Florida Sex Male Rating ***** Date AdultFrlendFinder AdultFrlendFinder