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You’re hot on the trail for an adult dating personals site like AdultFrinendFinder.com login that suits your needs and you’re about to take to the air! There’s so much to be seen from a birds-eye view and that’s exactly what we hope that AdultFrinendFinder brings to you. The web has a number of sites that you should look at that could bring you happiness. But can you tell quality site like AdultFriendrFinder from crap or a sincere attempt to deliver a product and a site that is just looking to take your money and run? The answer is easy. We’re here to help! This site looks at all online dating sites and ranks them against each other so you can have a clear picture of what you’re getting into. If you’re an adult looking for love and play at AdultFriendrFinder.com login, you have a number of options. Read this article and check out our sex dating reviews about AdultFrienedFinder login and you’ll catch up on literally months of research in minutes!
The first thing you’ll want to do when surfing for a personals site that speaks to your specific pleasures is do a search. The purpose of this search is twofold. First, you should try to ascertain how many members of the site lie within striking distance – the distance you’re willing to travel to meet and greet. Most sites AdultFrinendFinder.com reviews will let you search by area code, state or city. Use it to determine if there are a number of people in your area worthy of connecting with. The second thing you’ll want to look out for is whether or not these people have come to the site regularly. Hopefully you’ll have a number of people online every hour at AdultFrienedFinder that fit the bill. If not, you need to consider if sparse action is worth the price you’ll pay at AdultFrinendFinder.com. Some sites won’t tell you when a member last logged on. When you hit this little roadblock you will have to make a leap of faith. We’re all hoping you jump in the right direction!

“Another problem with some adult personals sites is that they can attract the wrong kind of people. In this case, I mean the types of people that expect you to pay for any adult pleasure you receive.”

Many of these adult personals sites that look to get you dating with other likeminded people have been put together by large companies – some of which come from the world of porn. Before you begin to sweat about having to make love like or with a porn star, relax! This isn’t the point we’d like to make. What we are saying is that many adult personals dating personals sites come with extra material in their members area. Many have thousands of videos and movies that they’ve amassed over the years and you get them as part of your membership fee. This is one of those things that you can either take or leave, but it might help sway your decision one way or the other – especially if you’re a card-carrying member of another site already.

As with any site, there are some things to watch out for. Fake profiles are certainly something to be careful of. Some of these sites are fairy new and to have thousands of members so quickly is unheard of. Check out the profiles and see if they ring true to you. It’s far from scientific but that little voice in the back of our head often knows best. Another problem with some adult personals sites is that they can attract the wrong kind of people. In this case, I mean the types of people that expect you to pay for any adult pleasure you receive. Just be careful of who you meet and why you’re meeting and you should avoid any of the problems associated with paying for sex.

Adult dating personals are there for those with bold needs and desires. We have rated and ranked a number of them in our sex dating section, so make sure to pass by and give them a look. It’s much better than flying blind and you’re odds are better that when your wheels do touch down that you’ve found some ground worth landing on.

Sometimes it’s easy to tell when and where a date at AdultFrinendFinder.com login went bad. It could have been when you started yapping ceaselessly about your ex. It might have happened when you usied the sugar packet to pick the food from your teeth. Or maybe it was when you mentioned your long career in porn that things took a turn for the worse? No matter what the case, the point is that you lost control of your date at AdultFrinendFinder and the chemistry exploded–and fast. Now you have some serious decisions to make. Do you cut your ties and lose this date at AdultFriendrFinder that’s gone bad or do you try and make amends? Saving a date at AdultFriendrFinder.com login gone bad rates high on the difficulty scale but it can be done with a clear head and some careful planning.
If your date at AdultFrienedFinder login has gone sour and you need to sweeten it up, the first thing you’ll need to do is identify the issue. Usually this is really easy to determine if there’s been a big change in your dates at AdultFrinendFinder.com reviews attitude or behavior. For example, if your date at AdultFrienedFinder has just reached over and slapped you, signaling that your date at AdultFrinendFinder.comhas gone very wrong, think back about a minute before you were struck and try and recall what it was you were saying. Mind you, not all instances will be this dramatic. You might notice that your date has become less talkative of or their body language has changed. They may be looking at their watch or the door or the other people around you – anything but where they should be looking, which is directly at you. Whatever the case, this means that your date has gone bad and needs to be saved. The one note where this doesn’t count is in cases where your date has been disinterested from the start. We’re talking about saving a date that once held promise, not winning a date over when the battle is nothing but uphill. If you want to save a date gone bad, you need to figure out what it was that started the fire so you know where to throw the water to put it out.

“Saving a date gone bad means putting out the fire”

Saving a date gone bad means putting out the fire, but not all fires can be put out the same way. Once you’ve identified the problem, saving what’s left can be tricky. If it was an opinion that set your friend off, try and readdress it if you think they mistook your meaning. If you wouldn’t change what you said, then there’s no point in trying to back off the issue. Can you clarify you position better? Perhaps open a dialogue where you can speak to some of the points that they brought up and smooth out the situation? If not, you need to pull out the big guns. Now where can we find “big guns” when we’re trying to save a date gone terribly bad? Ah! We still have charm! We have misdirection! We do have those, don’t we? If it looks like the sun is setting on your date, it’s time for the “Hail Mary.” Roll out the big personality. Try the jokes you picked up from Dad on fathers day. Start telling your deepest secrets and discussing your plans for world domination. This is a last ditch attempt to save your date and you might as go out with a bang! Try and get their mind off of whatever terrible sin you committed earlier. Maybe you will save the date or maybe your won’t. At least you’ll be able to say you tried your best, and that should hopefully give you a little comfort as you head home – alone.

The best way to save a date gone bad is to keep it going well. If you’re not too sure how this is done, try reading some of our other articles. You can easily brush up on things such as better body language, how to prep for a date, great places to take dates – an entire arsenal of dating advice. With it, you can ensure you make all the right moves and never have to figure out how to recover from a date gone bad again!

You can’t really separate successful online dating from written communication. In a bar, if someone tries to move too fast, it generally ends up with a slap or the loss of whatever contact you were hoping for. The same goes for dating sites. Most people want to exchange letters and instant messaging conversations to some extent rather than rush out for coffee with a perfect stranger. Getting to know someone before you meet is one of the main draws to digital dating. You’re bound to meet with more success if you pay attention to how and what you write and play things cool as opposed to pushing hard from the start.
One of the big questions that singles face is how soon is acceptable. Should you ask for a date after the first email or the fifth? Is an hour-long instant messaging conversation enough to secure a face-to-face or are 10 quick sessions better? It would be nice if there were set guidelines but we all know everyone is different. The perfect time to meet is really up to the individual.

“The beautiful part about online dating is that there are so many people doing it that you have options”

If you’re not having much success securing a date and you think you might be trying to move things along a little too fast, try to forget about any meeting at all. Instead, work on charming your connection into making them ask about when you’re going to meet. Online communication is an art. It’s about finesse as much as it is about letting the other person know who you really are and giving them a chance to get to know you. It can be hard when you’re really into someone. You may want to move quickly in case they find someone else. You could be really bored and feel the need for a date tomorrow night. Leave thoughts like these out of your approach. “The Fonz” got all the chicks on Happy Days by being cool and that should be the way you want to work it.

It is possible to play things too slow but you can’t let yourself be bothered when someone moves on. It’s a part of dating and it’s to be expected. The beautiful part about online dating is that there are so many people doing it that you have options. Playing the dating game right takes some restraint and you’ll find your luck improves if you’re able to master the art of online communication.

Everywhere you turn, you’ll find places and people willing to give you advice about love. Your parents have you dialed. Your best friends know what’s best. The guy at the coffee shop is always willing to spout something useful when it comes to romance. Then there’s an Internet full of advice columnists and gurus who have all the answers to make your search for true love so much easier. Just when you think you can’t get any more advice, Hollywood comes along with a movie like Hitch. If you haven’t seen it, this piece won’t spoil it for you in any way. We’re just going to take a look at some of the movies founding principals and see how they might apply to your current romantic situation.
Hitch says 60 percent of all human communication is body language. 30 percent is tone. That means that 90 percent of what counts does not include the words coming out of your mouth. That should take some pressure off because your mouth can get you into more trouble than the other 90 percent. Although I agree with what Hitch is trying to say, you need that other 10 percent to close the deal. You can be moving and giving off all the right signals, you can be speaking and intoning your interest while chatting about the weather outside, but unless you can ask that person out for a date, you’ll be spending next Friday night the exact way you spent last Friday – alone.

Any man has a chance to sweep the right woman off her feet. This is a strong statement that is deceptive in nature. Agreed, you can floor a person with your personality and charm, but you have to win over a stronger beast – chemistry. We’d all like to see the average girl or guy land the supermodel. There are a number of instances on the planet where that’s happened. Shania Twain and Mutt Lang would be a logical example. The point here is that although the odds may not be in your favor, you won’t ever know unless you dare to take a shot at it.

Hitch says eight our of 10 women believe that the first kiss will tell them everything they need to know about the right man. Wow! That sounds terribly, terribly wrong. It actually sounds like it was written by a man, which would explain things. Yes, you should be compatible when it comes to a good lip lock. Yes, certain traits can come across when kissing that may reflect on your personality. The good news is that even if you’re a really bad kisser, you can get better with practice. The bad news is that this won’t help you improve your personality.

Run a Google search on your date. Although you may not find much, there’s a chance you can strike gold. A little background can go a long way when romancing a man or woman. Just make sure you have the right person before accusing them of some tawdry affair with Paris Hilton or Colin Farrell.

He failed – but he did it with flair! Yes, my friends, dating has a lot to do with style. You should have your own and be able to wield it with great skill. This doesn’t mean you need to look like you’ve just stepped out of the latest fashion magazine. What it does mean is that you need to know what works for you and use it to your best ability.

“Winning over a best friend may not get you to home base, but it certainly will help improve your batting average.”

Break the touch barrier . . . but don’t be sleazy. This is important after the first date. If things haven’t progressed to the point where you’ve shared a casual touch or two, you will eventually have to make this happen if you expect to get any closer. This is about a mutual understanding. It’s about mutual desire. It’s not about groping and reaching for things that should be kept out of your reach. If you’ve got sex on the brain, watch out. This could kill more great dates than you’d like.

Speak up! It doesn’t matter what the situation is, if you’re meek, odds are you won’t leave a lasting impression. Let your personality out for everyone to see. This doesn’t mean doing a moonwalk across the dance floor at midnight. It just means that you want to be present during your date so shyness has to go.

Hitch says a woman’s best friend has to sign off on all big relationship decisions. This is as much truth as it is fiction. The point is that the person you’re trying to date has chosen this person as their best friend and you need to embrace that. See where their strengths lie and pay attention to them. Winning over a best friend may not get you to home base, but it certainly will help improve your batting average.

When it comes to the kiss, go 90 percent of the way and then hold – hold as long as it takes. This is perfect advice. Kissing is a personal experience and needs to be a two-way street. Find the balance and you’ll secure a lip lock in no time!

If you’re going to get anything from the movie Hitch, the one thing to take away is that it’s important to be yourself. Everyone is different and trying to change who you are won’t work unless you really feel the need inside of you. Be yourself and the only people you’ll attract are bound to be the right ones.

Finding a quality dating site can be tricky if you don’t have a good guide. Your friends may be your best resource when it comes to looking for love online. If that’s not an option, we are the next best thing. Our mission is to provide you with honest dating site reviews that will get you on a site that’s worth your time and money. There are just too many sites out there that are too new or aren’t built with the betterment of relationships in mind. Our webpersonals reviews point out the pros and cons of dating sites so you can make the best decision for yourself.
Which aspects are most important on any dating site is really up to the individual. However, for those who are new to the scene, I’d recommend looking in particular at three areas of our review criteria. Free access and member stats can pretty much tell the tale of any good dating site, but how you analyze the results is essential. Here’s what I’d suggest you do to get the best out of our online web personals reviews.

“With our reviews of webpersonals sites, you should be able to find three or four great sites that you can surf daily for love.”

First off, look at the total review score for any dating site. Anything over an 80 is an A from where we stand so that should give you a pretty decent selection right there. Take a peek at the written reviews. These will save you a lot of time that you can use instead to search for date. It takes about two hours to go in and do a review but it only takes a couple of quick minutes to read up on the best and worst a site has to offer here. Armed with advice and information from our webpersonals reviews, you can make a huge leap in understanding what any site has to offer.

Once you’ve found a site that interests you, the next step is checking it out for yourself. As you’ll see from our reviews, most will allow you a certain amount of access pretty quickly. The first thing you need to so is search for people within your area to see how many options you’ll have open to you once you join. Most sites will let you search for profiles based on their proximity to your city or zip/postal code. How far you think is an acceptable distance is up to you. I personally think an hour drive is the maximum distance I’m willing to travel so unless they have a bunch of connections within a 50-mile radius, I take a pass. How many people are close to you? Do you like what you see and read? Most sites worth their weight will allow you to at least view profiles and do these types of searches. If a site doesn’t at least offer you that for free, it may not be the site for you to get started on.

Another essential aspect of the proximity search is the date which any given profile last logged on. Again, when you click into a profile, most dating sites will show you when that person last logged on. You’re going to want a lot of members in your area to have visited the site in the last 24 hours. I live in a major urban center so I know that there should be at least 100 people logging into any site I’m a member of in the last day for it to be worth my time and money. If not, I move on to the next site. Remember, online dating is quicker and works better than finding good connections in a bar, but it still takes up time in your day.

With our reviews of webpersonals sites, you should be able to find three or four great sites that you can surf daily for love. That should be your minimum goal. After all, every site is different and attracts a different crowd. You’ll want to move around to see which site has the best people suited to your needs.

It’s not always roses and rainbows in life. As a matter of fact, in can be downright disastrous at times. It never ceases to amaze me how many people actually seem to write their online profiles during their darkest of days. You have to be truthful with whatever it is you want others to know, but you only get one chance to make a first impression. Faced with two people, one with a sunny disposition and another with a chip on their shoulder and a tear running down their cheek, which one would you choose to reach out and touch? The vast majority would choose to follow the light. When writing your personals profile, it’s essential that you keep it positive to pack the most punch!
There are many ways to get your points across without looking like you have a storm cloud hovering over your head. You can adjust your writing to convey the same points with a more positive spin. Here are some examples taken from a few dating sites . . .

I hate players so if you don’t know what you’re looking for or have sex on the brain, move on!
I’m looking for a mature, committed relationship with someone who knows what they want out of life.

Let’s face it, anyone who’s a player probably won’t stop playing with you simply because you challenge them. In fact, you might be sticking a bull’s-eye on your back. You’re also saying that you’ve been burned and are now jaded. Although this might actually be the case, Mr. or Ms. Right might not want to be the one to put out the flames and tend to your wounds.

If you’re selfish and unaffectionate, don’t bother.
I’m looking for someone who’s caring, compassionate and loves to be affectionate.

I can just see the writer pouting and jumping up and down to get his or her way. This isn’t a great image for a first impression

Save your credits if you are a neurotic, obsessive-compulsive, controlling, unemployed boyfriend-type.
If you’re well adjusted, easy going, open and established, drop me a line.

Actually, I think this person has some issues of her own to deal with first. Again, stay away from writing your profile when the world has just fallen on your head.

Love is supposed to be a wonderful experience between two people. It will certainly be harder to attract the well-adjusted, great catches that you can find online if you start out by throwing lightning bolts from your profile. Keeping things positive is easy. Just take a deep breath and take your time when you sit down to write. If negative thoughts make their way to the paper, try writing an opposite, positive sentence right after it – then delete the first one! Keeping things positive might just be the difference keeping you away from that special someone you’re online in search of.

It’s true that not everyone you meet online will be interested in non-romantic encounters, but who wakes up in the morning and says I hope I don’t meet someone I really connect with today? Okay, so I borrowed that line from the movie Hitch, but the point is still valid. Finding friends online is easy – if you know where to look!
Not all dating sites are created equal when it comes to the search for friendly companionship. Some sites are straight to the business of romance without any possible opportunity to state your interest in a platonic relationship. However, most sites will allow you some room for play. Usually the site profiles you fill out will give you a number of options as to what kind of relationship you seek and friendship is certainly one possible choice. Also, as you read our reviews, look for sites that have chat forums and groups as they usually cater more to the social set.

“Finding a new romance can be fun, but meeting a new friend can change your life forever.”

If you’re looking to meet new friends online that share a specific hobby, you’re in luck! Dating sites are large databases that are made for easy searching. Some sites allow you to select from a number of interests when you build your profile. If your interest is fairly common, such as working out, playing basketball or swimming, you shouldn’t have a hard time locating sites that make finding people of similar pastimes easy. However, if you’re into something a little more niche, such as lawn darts or street luge, you’ll probably need a site that allows for keyword searches. Start by checking our reviews of sites that have scored high in the area of search options. Searching for others with similar interests isn’t hard – as long as you know what features are available to you!

Your interest in expanding your circle of friends should start with dating sites. They’re easy to use and most have communities in place that make finding like-minded individuals a snap. Finding a new romance can be fun, but meeting a new friend can change your life forever. Go on. Take that first step and make that change today!

Hi there, I’m Doug, your Extreme Profile Renovations guy. Today’s episode brings us the following profile. It needs work. He’s asked for help. Is he ready for what’s to come?

Hi. They only let you list one thing u looking for? Anyway, friends, dating, activity partner etc. is fine too.

I feel like I am trying to sell a car. I hope I am not a junker. As for my likes, see what’s typed in interests. Dislikes? Here’s *some*: Fund*mental*lism, hypocritters, American Idol, George Bush, sports. If you like one of my dislikes no big deal. Tolerance is one of my likes. so… If you care to know more just ask. I do have a sense of humor, I just haven’t used it…
PS: Why do they have a green bananna? (referring to a dancing green banana icon that you can include with your text) Put them in my dislike list.


Your profile makes me smile – your personality comes across, and that’s a great place to start! You write well, but since you asked, here’s my two cents!

-You have a U in your first sentence. That needs to be a “you’re” unless there’s special meaning behind it. Even a “you” still mucks up a perfectly good sentence. You wouldn’t meet someone in person with your fly open on purpose so why begin a profile with a glaring grammatical error?
-Your lead is okay, but could be stronger. The intro to the second paragraph might be a more interesting way to start it off. The junker comment made me smile and you can’t have enough of that! I have no problems with self-depreciation. I think it’s admirable. It’s better than coming off as a jackass.
-You write like you’re talking to yourself. Talk to the women that will be reading your profile! Bring them in!
-Instead of making them do the work with your “likes” by asking them to search elsewhere in your profile, bring your likes down into your profile and expand on them! What bands do you like or which favorite tunes get you screaming? Have you had a paranormal experience? What was it like?? What are you reading? Throw me some quotes! Saying I like rock climbing isn’t as compelling as describing the view from the top of the last face you scaled. Do that and let people fall in love with your passions through your eyes!
-Dislikes? NOPE! Negativity has no place in a first impression – and that’s exactly what your profile will be when Ms Right stumbles across it.
-Whoa – hold up! You skirt the most awesome thing! I want to hear these lofty goals! Most people never set goals. If you set them and they’re important to you, lay them to paper! Worst case, people know you have focus. Best case, she has the same goals and you can reach the twice as fast together. At the very least, if you’re dead set against saying anything about them, why say anything at all?
– I love the line about not using your sense of humour! Sarcasm is a hard sell in print, but you hit it perfectly there. (You were being sarcastic, right?? ;)) And your ending was really funny, too! Hehe – but it has to go! Why? Becasue you’re on about dislikes again and I hope you scratch them from any further revisions!

OKAY – done. Take it or leave it – those are just some thoughts. Remember, I’m A) a guy, which might mean I can’t be trusted B) I lack a degree in dating profile creation, but I do run a dating site for a living C) you can never have everyone dialled so what I think may or may not apply to the women who fall for you. Change your profile, you risk loosing those that love it the way that it is. But if you’d care to gamble, roll away!

That’s it for today’s episode of Extreme Profile Renovation. As a side note, we visited our friend recently and found that he chose to continue on with the profile as it is listed above. Time will tell if it ends up working for him, but for now we’ve done our best and it’s in the hands of a higher power – Cupid’s!

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I went on Christian Mingle the Beginning of last year. I met a wonderful woman and we were married this last November. We are both seeking the Lord and I believe that is the reason for our being brought together. We are very happy! Reviewed By Karen Sacramento Sex Female Rating ***** Date February 18, 2011 permalink Visit ChristianMingle I tried to sign up for this website, just to try it wwwAdultFriendFinder October 25, 2010 permalink Visit True.com True.com was a hideous experience. I signed up for the 3-day trial, which would have ended Saturday night (including only about 1-1/2 hours on Thursday). Don’t know what the “Christian” part of the name is for: got lots of gross pop-ups geared towards men, not women. Specified I was interested in someone near me, but only got contacted by men very wwwAdultFriendFinder July 27, 2004 permalink Visit JDate Well, I have been a member, on and off, for a few years, and, from what I have seen and based on the people I’ve met, it is a great site for Jewish guys, but not too good for the women. Where are all the normal Jewish guys? Must have gone off to date gentiles. There is a whole bunch of attractive, educated, great women on the website, but most of the guys wwwAdultFriendFinder wwwAdultFriendFinder


Christian. Please run–do not walk–away from ChristianMingle. There is no way I could ever recommend this site to anyone, especially a fellow Christian. But if you have money to burn, like being emailed by scammers and being in a dating pool that caters to homosexuals, this is probably the site for you. Reviewed By Bob Wyoming Sex Male Rating ***** Date March 26, 2011 permalink Visit ChristianMingle www.AdultFrinendFinder.org I called the bank and had them return the charges and never accept any more. They are the biggest rip off and I never even met anyone on the site. Better to stay on a free site although most free sites have been taken over by Match.com. Plenty of fish is still free. This won’t let you rate with a zero or negative number unfortunately. Reviewed By Anne Arlington Sex Female Rating ***** Date www.AdultFrinendFinder.org even gave me the time of day because I’m not a rich doctor or lawyer! As for enforcing their profile logon age policies, I’ve been inactive for years–yet my profile is still there! I’ve even DARED them to ban me, blatently putting my contact info in my profile time after time, and they haven’t! Shame on you, Jdate. Shame on you! Reviewed By Y.E. Sterling, VA Sex Female Rating ***** Date www.AdultFrinendFinder.org www.AdultFrinendFinder.org


(and I think you quickly will be), do not expect a refund. Also, they can—and do—cancel memberships without refund and without providing any reason whatsoever. My experience with ChristianMingle is that it is not a “Christian” dating site by any stretch of the imagination. True, it is comprised primarily of Christians, but there is nothing about the business or the way it is run that is www.AdultFrinendFinder.com ***** Date October 31, 2010 permalink Visit True.com True.com is by far the worst site I have ever been to. A few years ago I foolishly signed up with them and let them rip me off for their rip off fees. Then I tried to cancel and they didn’t cancell and continued to put charges on my account. I finally got them to stop and a year later they had the nerve to start debiting my account again. www.AdultFrinendFinder.com to sneak their contact information into their profile! I’ve read some of the previous posts where some women have taken offense to being called a JAP. Well I’ll tell you what: prove me wrong! When I’m not complaining about Jdate, I’m a really nice, calm, funny, stable guy–but 99% of the women I’ve ever tried to contact on Jdate, even as a paying, legitimate member of the service–never www.AdultFrinendFinder.com www.AdultFrinendFinder.com


that you sign up for the minimum one-month subscription. True, it costs more that way, but you will waste fewer of your hard-earned dollars. Within the first few hours of signing up with this sleazy—and I am being charitable when I use that word—operation, be prepared for an onslaught of scammers who “somehow” get your email address. If you should become dissatisfied with ChristianMingle www.AdultFriendrFinder.org and have since blocked their email addresses. I received an obnoxious amount of fake winks and fake emails. I’m thinking that this place is run by a bunch of pic collectors who take pictures from other sites and people’s profiles and post them on here to scam people. DO NOT EVER GIVE THEM YOUR CREDIT CARD NUMBER they are scammers!!!! BEWARE! Reviewed By Kevin Brandon Florida Sex Male Rating www.AdultFriendrFinder.org to snag a nice rich Jewish doctor or lawyer–ESPECIALLY down here in South Florida–and if you ain’t one of those, you’re SOL. I’ve been an off-again on-again member for some years, but the final indignity was Jdate’s byzantine and outrageous pricing policy. You can’t even see who’s left you a message if you don’t pay their ridiculous fees! I do not blame Jdate users one single bit for trying www.AdultFriendrFinder.org www.AdultFriendrFinder.org


too find on a Christian site. But then again, I soon found that there were a lot of things that did not square with the Christian way of life as most people know it. My experience on ChristianMingle made me thankful for one thing: That I did not sign up for a whole year. If you have more money than brains, think you don’t deserve better than this and can’t be talked out of it, I would recommend www.AdultFrien and all free. Are we REALLY looking? Reviewed By thankssomuch Cincinnati Sex Male Rating ***** Date November 17, 2010 permalink Visit True.com I can’t thank this site enough for all the reviews. I was referred to true.com through a facebook link, thinking it would be cool. I keep getting prompted EVERYTIME I enter the site for this stupid free trial. Fortunately I haven’t signed up for it, www.AdultFrien beware, she is as big a JAP as almost all of her female members. Okay, first of all, wake up, folks–EVERYBODY lies on their profile on EVERY dating site! It’s a fact of Internet dating! Get over it! Nobody is going to look like their picture or admit to taking Lithium! That being said, the women on Jdate are terrible liars. They’re all thinly disguised JAPS of the highest order; all out www.AdultFrien www.AdultFrien


open. It formerly ran an online dating service called Glimpse.com, which targeted gays and lesbians. When that fly-by-night operation suddenly folded, the Spark money grabbers came up with ChristianMingle. Not surprisingly, this “Christian” dating service openly welcomes same-sex searches and strongly implies that it is a great place for homosexual matches. Not exactly what I was expecting www.AdultFrenFinder.com age though I have received some 80+ yr olds. yikes! So, POF being free and being able to sort by Interests is ahead of the game IMO. Disclaimer: haven’t met anyone from POF either though it IS flattering to get notes from younger guys or men who tell you they love your profile or picture – so are they REALLY going to drive 500 miles to create a relationship – doubt it. So I continue…amused…entertained www.AdultFrenFinder.com in what you look like. There is no getting around that.Yes, I am a Jewish woman who loves hiking and the outdoors” Do you think they write that so you will respond to the posting when its not true? Reviewed By Gregory Sunny Florida Sex Male Rating ***** Date July 29, 2004 permalink Visit JDate Jdate used to be decent, but has now become the latest Internet dating whore on the block–and www.AdultFrenFinder.com www.AdultFrenFinder.com


They sure fooled me. The ads attempt to portray ChristianMingle as a wholesome Christian dating service. In reality, it is not. ChiristianMingle is owned by Spark Networks, Inc., a penny-stock (symbol LOV) outfit based in Hollywood, CA. Spark Network, which has several other “targeted” groups of the day, including blacks, Jews and senior citizens, can’t seem to keep its online dating services www.AdultFr eHarmony which asks a million questions…was rated as 97% match and I sure want to know HOW they figured that. Not ONE thing in common except desire NOT to have children ( at 60 yo that’s a no brainer!) and divorced…huh?? who cares how they are single. Match.com doesn’t seem much better – lots of ‘matches’ sent daily but nothing to base it on except geographical location IMO and maybe www.AdultFr When a guy turns me down, I know its cause of my age, looks, general “vibe” or all of the above. I think that is what it is about for most women also. Granted, some women may be looking for a guy who is at at least a similar level of education and income.Does that make her a “JAP”? What is with the guys who post a picture from far away with a hat and sun glasses? The woman is generally interested www.AdultFr www.AdultFr

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It should be a tool to meet people to date. You need to get out, find groups, join a gym, etc. Make it happen! Reviewed By KimbroJones Oregon Sex Male Rating ***** Date July 04, 2011 permalink Visit ChristianMingle It’s a rip. It is online dating services like this that give online dating services a bad name. The “best” thing about ChristianMingle is their current blitz of television ads. www AdultFrindFinder com Visit Plentyoffish (Plenty Of Fish) At least it is FREE. I have a profile on Match.com and eHarmony but have not ‘joined’ i.e. paid…why?? because what they send as ‘matches’ are hardly that…not even close. At least with POF you can sort your matches so you don’t get a couch potatoe who rides a Harley and hunts when you want a fine dining/ ballroom dancing partner. One ‘match’ sent by www AdultFrindFinder com ourselves to this level of dating. So if outsiders look down upon us. jeez I wonder why. What happenend to the integrity. Reviewed By BAO New Jersey Sex Female Rating ***** Date August 04, 2004 permalink Visit JDate OK, you guys who are complaining about “JAP” on J-date. Exactly how do you know that a woman is turning you down because she is “just not into you” or because she is a “JAP”? www AdultFrindFinder com www AdultFrindFinder com

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before your conversation… Beware… He is a wolf acting like a sheep… A wolf in a sheeps clothing Reviewed By Jay California Sex Male Rating ***** Date December 27, 2011 permalink Visit ChristianMingle People that meet dates and have a good time using Christian Mingle give good reviews. People that didn’t meet anyone, give bad reviews. Stop whining, use the site as ONE way to meet someone. www AdultFriendFinder cm seeing all of the men I seem to attract – I’m terrified to contact him! By far, the best thing I have found on this site is the ability to view others profile pictures and reject them if they do not meet POF requirements. You want funny? I give you funny. Facebook Status Update: Michelle is climbing off her soapbox now. Reviewed By JH MA Sex Female Rating ***** Date August 09, 2010 permalink www AdultFriendFinder cm out there and they are use to that. I also know that a lot of them post profiles in a lot of other places and on sexsites and act like they are innocent on a suppose regular dating site. So women are we going to continue to let these guys treat us this way, or is this dating site just going to be a big game of sex. I am sooo disapointed that we as jews have this type of low morality to lower www AdultFriendFinder cm www AdultFriendFinder cm

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know if he used the name of other people… He used God a lot , the reason why I trusted him in just more than 3 months communicating with him through email and phone…Its his using Gods words that i trusted him,,,he used God , I believe God will punish him.. It may not be this time but am sure karma awaits him.. Beware… he might have another victimm, he would always request and had prayer www AdultFriend Finder hells to the yes I have a sense of humor. And can I get an Amen that a sense of humor is a deal breaker for anyone that I am even friends with. So to the guy from Ohio who is having trouble believing that there are available gals that are funny, well, maybe you should just rent a clown. I actually spotted a guy in another town that is easy on my eyes and has similar interests, but after www AdultFriend Finder to score for SEX. If they don’t feel your easy, they call you every name in the book. Maybe some people are easy on that site, but some of us who truly are trying to find a relationship, I don’t think these men have a clue. Then on top of that, they lie by acting interested and in the meantime write to everyone else on the site putting another notch in their belt. Maybe some women put it www AdultFriend Finder www AdultFriend Finder