lasted, but I think each was about 6 months or so of on and off dating, sex, travel, etc. Mind you, there were some disappointments in between those more steady relationships. I went on some dates, first meetings, where it was clear the woman was not at all interested in me [you know, the “C” word, chemistry]. I think I had about 5 of those, where the woman was nice to me for the night, aAdultFriendFinder modeling recruiter. I am blonde, have porcelian veneers so I have nice straight white teeth and am very thin, size 2 He on the other hand, was nothing like his photo. He was fugly. He must drink because his nose was red and full of big holes like he’d a war with a paper puncher. He was boring as heck and I tried to be witty for him for 2 hours. It was a complete boring festival. I finally aAdultFriendFinder a guy that nearly ruined my mental health with all his games and lies. He was deceiftful and said he wanted a relationship but instead he turned out to be a sex addict. I was separated from husband and he told me to tell my husband about him after 10 months of slipping around. Thank God I didn’t because he was not the least bit serious about me. He told me we were going to live together aAdultFriendFinder aAdultFriendFinder