of meeting and/or becoming romantic. It’s the ego-boosting attention and validation she craves. Guys, save yourself the money, and more importantly the time. Don’t bother with Not only is the ratio against you, but the types of women online are questionable at that. (Normal women have no problem being approached by/meeting normal guys in the normal fashion.) Instead, get a AdultFr ended a short dating term with a professional POF troller. I viewed his profile, saw nice homes, cars, a fit moderaely attractive man. His profile proclaimed him to be an ITtech, an honest man, an avid hiker, biker, health enthusiast, NOT TRUE. When I did meet him, he had his stories ready – a story for the fake pics, a story for the shabby vehicle. He is a very unhealthy truck driver. I AdultFr anything that will lead your potential date on, go out, go to dinner and leave it at that, do it once or twice with the same individual and no more, no sex no interest in calling the person back, just a big thank you. however jdate should put the option of casual dating in the slot of what people are looking for and see how many will pick that over looking for a long term relaintionship AdultFr AdultFr