the “build-up” is great and even fun, but then the actual meeting can be less than what you expected and I don’t think we’re all here to be pen pals. Not to be superficial, but some people are just great writers; hence, they have great profiles and can correspond really well. Now, there’s nothing wrong with that. And although a benefit of Match is that it allows someone to shine via a keypad, AdultFri We broke up a few months back, so I updated my profile. Yes, there are some wackos…but you don’t have to keep emailing or actually meet someone. I’ve learned to only answer emails that clearly show the person has read my profile (so if the email just says hey baby, no answer). I also read the person’s profile before I write back – so if a profile is written poorly, all im/text language, AdultFri a photo. Bachelor Number Three contacted me. He was a bit forward but eventually we talked on the phone and he sounded nice enough. We eventually met for dinner and it was a nice enough time but evident that this was not going to turn into anything remarkable. We exchanged a few e-mails after that but shortly thereafter I started dating the man to whom I am now married. And whom, I should AdultFri AdultFri