a standard member, cannot even read the profiles of the three potentially contactable women. That’s nuts! Why would the site not allow potential paying members to check out the few who are available? That would be what I see as the only enticement to get someone to join. So let’s summarize. Of the 50 profiles presented to me, 45 were useless because they are inactive. Of the five remaining, AdultFrienedFinde date. He asked to marry me on the second date and it quickly became clear he was looking for sex and an citizenship. He was promptly dumped and the next man was worse, following me home after our first date and stalking me, resulting in a restraining order. Bad news, you get what you pay for and I would pay NOT to use this site. Reviewed By Valley Forge Lady Wayne PA Sex Female Rating ***** AdultFrienedFinde away (!) and hug and kiss me passionately. Isn’t that sweet? He then wanted to take me out for a “celebratory “dinner on the weekend! Sounds like an offer I couldn’t refuse!!! After politely saying NO No NO NO and blocking all further contactg with this delusional man…I ask you….the public….WHAT IS WRONG WITH THIS MAN???? He was serious….(I did ask)…does he really think he’s living AdultFrienedFinde AdultFrienedFinde