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follow soon. What an underhanded tactic this is to cheat unsuspecting singles out of their hard-earned money. I agree with the poster about considering free dating sites. These guys have a great service that need to be supported. What do you have to lose after all. One other free site that’s top notch is Reviewed By Cindy Chicago Sex Female Rating ***** Date November 04, AdultFriendrFinders login find the one you wanna take a ride with and maybe you don’t but you keep trying anyway. So lighten up. If I don’t want you it doesn’t mean ten other girls aren’t biting the bit and it doesn’t mean I’m any more or less informed than they are. Good luck to everyone!!! I’m NJGirlInFL on POF, feel free to ghetto-blast me there for my obdurate opinions. Reviewed By raysforyou denver Sex Female AdultFriendrFinders login so many women don’t do this. Sure, you don’t owe anything to someone you’ve never met, but we’re all Jewish, right? That commonality should be enough to warrant not getting blown off when you show a little interest in someone, which is why we’re all on JDate in the first place, hoping someone will be interested in us. Reviewed By Asaf US Sex Male Rating ***** Date May 22, 2005 permalink AdultFriendrFinders login AdultFriendrFinders login