5, two are “standard members”, which means that they cannot read an e-mail sent to them. Unless they are so desparate that they’d be willing to fork over $20 to upgrade just to read an incoming e-mail, they too are unreachable. Boiled down, 3 profiles out of 50, 6%, are contactable and able to respond, if interested. Making matters worse–is that possible??–until I fork over money, I, as AdultFriened (Plenty Of Fish) Don’t use this site! I met 3 men through it and one was okay, but just no chemistry and 2 were flat out bad news. One had immigrated here from another country and while emailing, claimed to be a divorced single dad who was 32. When we met, he admitted he was unmarried, his ex-girlfriend has full-custody of their daughter, he was 38, and he told me he loved me on the first AdultFriened all over again We ended the conversation then he called back an hour later and told me to check my jdate inbox because he wrote me another note detailing what he really really wanted! Keep in mind that we only had ONE phone conversation, I hadn’t posted my photo yet….but I knew what he looked like. Not only did he want to meet me the next night..he stated that he wanted to make love right AdultFriened AdultFriened