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disappointed. The number of people that they match you with is almost non-existant. My advice to all you Christian guys is to either go to the nearest bar or put the money you would of wasted on this site in Sunday’s offering plate. Reviewed By Anon Anon Sex Male Rating ***** Date January 19, 2006 permalink Visit BigChurch I dont like being negative.. however believe that in this case, it AdultFrienedFinder mobile wouldnt be so picky. I am guessing 20X men to women? I crafted emails out and nothing makes you angrier than seeing deleted esp when the woman isnt that nice anyways. So as someone says just do a copy and paste template then if you dont get replies then you havent wasted time. You get what you pay for and it seems that the world today is looks orientated. I would sooner be single for the AdultFrienedFinder mobile long term relationships develop from Jdate contacts. One was over two years, and two others were 6 months or more. Better yet I just met the hottest lady through the service and this actually could be the ‘one”… Internet dating is full of losers and misfits, but there are some good people to be found. Jdate seems to be able to deliver for me…even if you have to kiss a few frogs before AdultFrienedFinder mobile AdultFrienedFinder mobile