standard features that come with any human being. It’d be like shopping for a used car and coming across an ad that says “Great vehicle, runs on gasoline, tires are round, has matter and density.” I still don’t know the make, model, year, milage, accident history, horse power etc. If anything I view the vaugness as a trap into buying a lemon. 2. I’m shy but I’m not shy A lot of girls can’t AdultFrindsFinder This time, he wanted me to meet him at a school lot near where he was staying (as if!) and he asked why things had to be my way. Hello, what about safety plus you blew it when i came halfway to meet you a day prior. Anyhow, he later texted me to say he wanted to ‘cum over’ Yeah, this guy I never met. LOL. (You gotta laugh to keep from going batty!) I went on pof to make new friends as I AdultFrindsFinder have had numerous technical difficulties using Jdate IM. So the site is essentially a scam. The company that runs it entices people to join on the false premise that there are many members in your area. However, they do not indicate that many of those members (perhaps the ones who you want to contact) are not paying members and are therefore not contactable. So, you are essentially paying AdultFrindsFinder AdultFrindsFinder