Sex Female Rating ***** Date March 11, 2008 permalink Visit Christian Cafe I was a widow in South Florida when I learned about I used my free trial time, had several pleasant conversations with other members via email, and paid my membership. Yes, there are LOTS of people on the site, but I agree that the profile questions are excellent and the people I corresponded with AdultFrinendFinder. what you are doing, they will find your corpse 10 days after you die in an apartment, shredded to pieces by your dog or cats you hold above all else, because they went hungry. I am personally giving it another couple of months to find some lady with substance here and I am not using the word lady lightly as I did earlier in my post. If you are around, do let me know what your POF name is. AdultFrinendFinder. to attempt internet dating after getting over a disastrous relationship. I consider myself a nice guy — I’ve been told by a number of women that I’m one of the nicest people they’ve met — I have a good job, I try to keep in shape, and while I don’t consider myself looking like a prince, I know I’m not a frog. Being Jewish, but living in a community with a small Jewish population, I thought AdultFrinendFinder. AdultFrinendFinder.