during the 3 day freebies, but had little success with it..however, looking at his profile online myself, I found out over time what he had stated on his profile were lies- there DEFINITELY should be a box for someone who drinks more than just a “Social Drinker” (CC’s choice of terminology) “Raging Alcoholic” is more like it! What really offended me was that there didn’t seem to be any safeguards time (the first time I was on for a year, see below for why I ditched it both times) my photo was required. But yet, I saw multiple womens’ profiles with no photos. Then there was the relationship question (what is your longest relationship). Personally, I don’t feel like that is pertinent. But you have to answer it to continue. I guess you get what you pay for. Now I’ll get to the women are really looking to get a dinner and a good banging. If Mr. Goodbar happens to show up with a 6-figure income, they’ll hop off your b!tch pacifier and hop on his. They generally aren’t good for anything but banging, and that’s as far as you should expect to get with the vast majority of them. Until they meet Mr. Perfect, what they really only want is Mr. Penetrator. If you act like Mr.