(I had a male friend with this same experience too). So you have to be persistent — figure one out of ten will respond back to an e-mail message, much like cold-calling figures in sales. Bottom line: prices are decent, the pool of people is huge, and you can practice your skills at “sifting”. Specifically targeted to Christians. Reviewed By JSB Minnesota Sex Male Rating ***** Date September then when a GOOD person messages them they just get ignored. I have put so much time into my profile, messaged a lot of women who are listed under “will reply” and “match you” only to get no replies. What the heck? Am I not GOOD enough for you for your reply?? Even a simple “lol” would suffice. I mean, isn’t the whole reason we’re on this site is because we are already having trouble meeting guy with a great career and I have no trouble meeting people in person. The problem is, I am new to an area with a very small Jewish population, so the people I am meeting when I go out or through friends are not the kind of people I am interested in pursuing for a long-term relationship. Now if I had trouble meeting people in general, I would understand my lack of success on J-Date, but