our end.” I wrote back to them explaining in detail how the log in email and newly reset password being unmatched by their database is not an issue affected by the end user’s browser or internet connection. I then provided my information again, and suggested they actually, you know, check their database and provide support for a paying customer. Guess what reply I received? “Unfortunately, AdulyFriendFinder you are looking for sex and don’t have any of the other elements to offer If you have only one photo here and it’s a head shot If your photos were taken more than 1 year ago (No excuse, we are in the Digital Age) If you talk on the phone with me and you never shut the heck up and never give me a chance to talk If you think that you still have to “scan” photos into the computer LMAO If you AdulyFriendFinder in your profile. Finally, I agree with the comments that women are always looking for the meal ticket– only once has a woman offered to pay half, so for all of you complaining about the glaring lack of menschkite in your dating experiences, realize that in general, the frustration is on average, about the same on both sides. Reviewed By Sergey Houston, TX Sex Male Rating ***** Date October AdulyFriendFinder AdulyFriendFinder