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I am not seeing a cause for the problem you are having. Your best option is to restore your browsers default settings and to contact your ISP (Internet Service Provider.)” So they either have an incredibly stupid person who doesn’t read emails doing customer support, or just an automated program that sends out templates. * * * My next step was to try to create a new account (hope springs Adut Friend Finder own a “Trac Phone” where you have to buy your minutes If you don’t know how to text or have a limited text plan (This is usually women over 43 yrs old) If you are looking for a man with money to take care of you If you are looking for a man with a Harley (No biker chicks please) LOL If you are not over your last relationship If you put a man before your children If you have 2 or 3 children Adut Friend Finder 24, 2004 permalink Visit JDate Hm, I’ve read many different reviews so far. I want to stick my big jewish nose into the matter as well 🙂 I live in Houston, TX. It has an incredibally small Jewish community for 4 million population city. Everyone knows each other. I see the same faces for years on Jdate. I’ve been on Jdate on and off for 5 years. I’m 29 now, so it’s the good age for dating Adut Friend Finder Adut Friend Finder