in a way I’m glad that I did! Because it was just confirmation that something strange was going on! I’ve never been more weired out! I stoped seeing him the evening I meet his family! He would always comment on how beautiful and sexy I am which lead me to believe that sex was the only thing that he was interested in. I’m kissing online dating goodbye! Try meeting someone through friends,gym, AldultFriendFinder fish..was on for a lots of can say what age you want to contact you and thats the only ones that can contact you.Went on lots of dates.You gotta have a fun attitude..and I told them I didn’t want sex and most asked me out again.It’s like anything else..I met my current boyfriend on works and I think it beats going to the bar!Oh..and I replied to everyone because AldultFriendFinder they’re married and philandering. Where are the ethics and morals ? Most recently, there was one man…..(only one!) who had a strange screen name (something like mr.underwear) …. I emailed him (via jdate) asking him if he was actually in the business of manufacturing underwear. (I was very polite…and was not insulting). Well..guess what I didn’t hear from him again. I say..if you’re AldultFriendFinder AldultFriendFinder