I didn’t think everybody was that religious because prior to that I did Jdate, yes you could register and put that you are either wiling, unable, or open to the idea of converting. I talked to a couple of men on there, while many are very religious and even some of the non religous ones do prefer somebody born Jewish, understandably, and more so than the Jewish men on the other dating sites AsdultFriendFinder of fish is just like fishing, its what you put into it and luck. Any dating site has the same problems. Women who are waiting for prince charming and are too picky. Guys just looking for a one night stand. In a real face to face situation a woman or man has to make his or her mind fairly quickly as there is competition (some other chick or guy will say yes), a decision has to be made that AsdultFriendFinder you $$ to see what emails you have received. I, too, was a freeloader and still am except for signing up one month at a time, a few times a year. (Yes, I’ve been on Jdate a few years now-how embarrassing). I’ve come to accept that Jdate is a for profit business and they are out to make money. They have a monopoly and can do whatever they want. In their defense, Jdate does disclose what you AsdultFriendFinder AsdultFriendFinder