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I have been on (which is probalby why many of them are on jdate) I spoke to quite a few who did not seem to care. One I was almost going to meet, but he started to act like a jerk over the phone, so I told him I have to go, and decided to refrain from communication with him. Another man asked me to meet right away, which I thought was a little too soon, but when I told him I lived with my Asult Friend Finder night and sometimes the wrong decision. But that’s ok. Its a date not a marriage proposal. On a dating site the people seem to have problems breaking down and actually meeting. The meeting part involves an effort. Remember you can build a fantasy image of the person that you are emailing or IMing and months later you meet and hate each other. The best way to treat a dating site is…. email Asult Friend Finder do AND don’t get with a paid/unpaid membership. AND, they do note on each profile when the last time someone logged in. That should give you an idea if they are a paying member. Until another site gives Jdate some real competition, they will continue to raise their prices. So, what can you do? I’d suggest joining another jewish website or encouraging a geeky friend to create one. Reviewed Asult Friend Finder Asult Friend Finder