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soon) but my membership is ending. But back to what I saw saying, many of the men on there would label themselves as “Culturally Jewish but not practicing” and many did not seem to mind meeting somebody not Jewish, so I figured the people on Christian mingle would be there same way; as I said I have never had a chance to learn that. The other dating sites I have done are match and eharmony, AudAlt Friend Finder THE WORST DATING SITE, I MET FEW AND ALL OF THE WOMAN MOSTLY 95% WHO CANT FIND A MAN AND WHO CANT GET LAID SO BASICALLY ITS A MEAT MARKET , SO IF U LOOKING TO GET LAID ITS NUMBER ONE SITE BUT FOR SERIOUS RELATIONSHIP U WILL BE LUCKY TO FIND A DECENT WOMAN WITHOUT DRAMA AND ISSUES ….SORRY FOR caps but this site deserve it …. Reviewed By Debbie Montana Sex Female Rating ***** Date August AudAlt Friend Finder for a fact there are women out there who say they want a “long term relationship”, but are already in one! Out of hundreds of profiles (I even went out of state), I got 1 direct ignore reply, and of the rest, some hadn’t updated their profiles or logged in in ages, the majority never replied to my emails, and one misinterpreted what I checked off in my profile (she would not consider a date AudAlt Friend Finder AudAlt Friend Finder