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Christian. Please run–do not walk–away from ChristianMingle. There is no way I could ever recommend this site to anyone, especially a fellow Christian. But if you have money to burn, like being emailed by scammers and being in a dating pool that caters to homosexuals, this is probably the site for you. Reviewed By Bob Wyoming Sex Male Rating ***** Date March 26, 2011 permalink Visit ChristianMingle I called the bank and had them return the charges and never accept any more. They are the biggest rip off and I never even met anyone on the site. Better to stay on a free site although most free sites have been taken over by Plenty of fish is still free. This won’t let you rate with a zero or negative number unfortunately. Reviewed By Anne Arlington Sex Female Rating ***** Date even gave me the time of day because I’m not a rich doctor or lawyer! As for enforcing their profile logon age policies, I’ve been inactive for years–yet my profile is still there! I’ve even DARED them to ban me, blatently putting my contact info in my profile time after time, and they haven’t! Shame on you, Jdate. Shame on you! Reviewed By Y.E. Sterling, VA Sex Female Rating ***** Date


I went on Christian Mingle the Beginning of last year. I met a wonderful woman and we were married this last November. We are both seeking the Lord and I believe that is the reason for our being brought together. We are very happy! Reviewed By Karen Sacramento Sex Female Rating ***** Date February 18, 2011 permalink Visit ChristianMingle I tried to sign up for this website, just to try it wwwAdultFriendFinder October 25, 2010 permalink Visit was a hideous experience. I signed up for the 3-day trial, which would have ended Saturday night (including only about 1-1/2 hours on Thursday). Don’t know what the “Christian” part of the name is for: got lots of gross pop-ups geared towards men, not women. Specified I was interested in someone near me, but only got contacted by men very wwwAdultFriendFinder July 27, 2004 permalink Visit JDate Well, I have been a member, on and off, for a few years, and, from what I have seen and based on the people I’ve met, it is a great site for Jewish guys, but not too good for the women. Where are all the normal Jewish guys? Must have gone off to date gentiles. There is a whole bunch of attractive, educated, great women on the website, but most of the guys wwwAdultFriendFinder wwwAdultFriendFinder

sdult Friend Finder

John Morries, and Wayne Bush. These guys are frauds. They only want you to send them money to Africa, to help them out of Jams they got themselves in. John, wanted $2000. out of me and was Very upset when I didn’t have it to send. The names he called me and he didn’t even know me. John, even went and removed me from the site, without my permission and expressed this site gave him my email sdult Friend Finder from Ohio who wrote a review here on August 3rd. Your review had me laughing so hard! The women in Ohio clearly don’t know what they’re missing out on. You seem to have a great personality and I think you’re very intelligent. Hmmm, I wish there was a way to contact you Tom from Ohio. Reviewed By Michelle Pennsylvania Sex Female Rating ***** Date August 09, 2010 permalink Visit Plentyoffish sdult Friend Finder Their greed is tactless, and I eagerly await their demise and a kinder, gentler alternative. Reviewed By SL Bay Area Sex Male Rating ***** Date August 20, 2004 permalink Visit JDate Total Frustration: JDate has been a total disappointment–at least in the Bay Area. Over the past year, I have emailed approximately 75 women–95% of them by their profiles would be interested in someone my age sdult Friend Finder sdult Friend Finder

(and I think you quickly will be), do not expect a refund. Also, they can—and do—cancel memberships without refund and without providing any reason whatsoever. My experience with ChristianMingle is that it is not a “Christian” dating site by any stretch of the imagination. True, it is comprised primarily of Christians, but there is nothing about the business or the way it is run that is ***** Date October 31, 2010 permalink Visit is by far the worst site I have ever been to. A few years ago I foolishly signed up with them and let them rip me off for their rip off fees. Then I tried to cancel and they didn’t cancell and continued to put charges on my account. I finally got them to stop and a year later they had the nerve to start debiting my account again. to sneak their contact information into their profile! I’ve read some of the previous posts where some women have taken offense to being called a JAP. Well I’ll tell you what: prove me wrong! When I’m not complaining about Jdate, I’m a really nice, calm, funny, stable guy–but 99% of the women I’ve ever tried to contact on Jdate, even as a paying, legitimate member of the service–never


address. Now, Wayne Bush, from Plattsburg, NY. He expressed the same thing that he’s over in Africa, on a Project job from NY, and now he didn’t have enough money to get back here. I loaned him$ 1600. before Christmas, he was suppose to be back by ,December 10, so that meant my grand kids didn’t have a Christmas from me, and now my car was repo , I lost my house and now I have no where to sdultFriendFinder (Plenty Of Fish) On a scale from 1-5 (1 being the lowest, 5 being the highest), I give this site: Real Dating Potential: 1 Comic Relief Factor: 5 Much to my chagrin, I joined last Friday. Maybe it was that last glass of wine that gave me the liquid courage. Then soberness set in…countless messages later, I am afraid to log back in. Where do I start? A picture speaks a thousand words. I sdultFriendFinder and height/physical appearance. I have had 6 responses. By any measure, I am successful in my career, and have have had many interesting extracurricular experiences/adventures. I also have had my profile reviewed by several men and women (both single and married) to determine if there was some “turn-off” with my profile or photos. I’m not Brad Pitt, but hey… Given this vetting and that sdultFriendFinder sdultFriendFinder

www Adult Frend Finder

live. Also, I sent his children money, now look at me. I tried getting back to inform this company as I had trouble logging in and coming back on as a new person. You all need to make sure you are putting true people on your website, look at me now out of $20, for this site, and $1600. Please stop trying Sooooo hard to get the $20 and be true to the people on this site. Nannette Sims Reviewed www Adult Frend Finder don’t know, I guess looks mean more to me than I thought. I mean, there has to be SOME level of instant attraction, right? Some of these guys that have contacted me are, hmn how can I put this nicely, FRICKING SCARY! And if they aren’t scary looking, they look like OLD FARTS! When I say that I’m preparing for my first marathon…that’s a HINT that, well, maybe a good match for me would be www Adult Frend Finder many of the women that I have emailed are in their mid-thirties, I would have expected a higher response rate;I mean that’s not much of a commitment. My sense is that many women Jdaters in the Bay Area are just doing it to see how many emails they can accumulate, or possibly they are fullfilling some voyeuristic fantasy..or just waiting for their version of Mr. Perfect–the guy with multi-million www Adult Frend Finder www Adult Frend Finder

Audlt Friend Finder

but most of the men I met on there only met me once and never came back. And no it had nothing to do with the way I acted, I was true to my personality over the phone, prior to meeting, so they did have a feel of how I was. I had recent pictures that did show what my body type looked like. I consider myself average, maybe a bit curvey, but I do not consider myself fat, so I usually put either Audlt Friend Finder 09, 2010 permalink Visit Plentyoffish (Plenty Of Fish) Tom, Too bad you are so far away!! I am on plenty of fish and use it cuz it is TOTALLY FREE!! I too have tried other sites and found the same people. I DO have a sense of humor . . . . You have to if you want to stay sane and keep up with the people in my life. I have met a few wonderful people on POF but am also VERY leary of who I Audlt Friend Finder because “I hunted animals”, which was not true, it happens to be the same box as fishing in the profile list, which I do do, as catch and release). Same person also decided to be flippant about the whole thing rather than serious, which seems to be the trend and the consensus of the majority of the reviewers here, mtyself included. Out of the two people I got as far as getting numbers from, Audlt Friend Finder Audlt Friend Finder

www Adult Friend Finder

By elena ca Sex Female Rating ***** Date January 10, 2012 permalink Visit ChristianMingle Beware of scoundrels and scalawags using this site to cheat people…I did my 1st online dating with this site hoping I will meet a real Christian in word and in deed.. He used Steve Miller , from NJ and posted a picture stating he’s 50 years old a self employed civil engineer according to him , I don’t www Adult Friend Finder somewhat in shape. What am -I- thinking? And then there’s those chaps that have a picture that was taken from like the Hubble Space Station. Lastly, there are those guys with no picture at all. Are you God expecting me to take a leap of faith here? I’m normal, have a good job, a good head on my shoulders, consider myself relatively cute, know enough (there’s Google for everything else) and www Adult Friend Finder $$$ IPO, time to travel all over the world, and hollywood looks. Good luck! Reviewed By Cindy california Sex Female Rating ***** Date August 08, 2004 permalink Visit JDate Ok, I think Jdate should be called Jsex site. What the guys have posted on the profiles and when you talk to them, is a whole different ballgame. They say they want marriage, longterm, but reality, they are just trying www Adult Friend Finder www Adult Friend Finder

Audult Friend Finder

average or curvey (I don’t check off volumtuous even though some consider that the same as curvey, because some people use it as nice way of saying fat). I am about a size 14, and if I put a little extra, they might think that I am much heavier then I look like in my picuture. Also I don’t mind dating a larger man, so I do not think my weight, which is not that heavy to begin with, should Audult Friend Finder am typing to. I actually met a guy who is now nick-named ‘Psycho Bob’. It isn’t only the females that have to be monitored!! I ask a lot of questions as that is how I get to know someone, especially if they are a man of few words, therefore, I also get the ‘Read Delete’ a lot. Go figure! If you guys don’t like playing 20 questions, write more about yourself or at least converse more in your Audult Friend Finder one cancelled a meeting the same day we had scheduled, and promptly disappeared, never returning a phone call or email to me ever again. The other was OK, but it didn’t work out, because I thought she represented herself completely differently (even in person) until she thought we had a thing going. That’s going to happen, of course, and I’m not trying to blame any one person for anything, Audult Friend Finder Audult Friend Finder

www AdultFriend Finder

know if he used the name of other people… He used God a lot , the reason why I trusted him in just more than 3 months communicating with him through email and phone…Its his using Gods words that i trusted him,,,he used God , I believe God will punish him.. It may not be this time but am sure karma awaits him.. Beware… he might have another victimm, he would always request and had prayer www AdultFriend Finder hells to the yes I have a sense of humor. And can I get an Amen that a sense of humor is a deal breaker for anyone that I am even friends with. So to the guy from Ohio who is having trouble believing that there are available gals that are funny, well, maybe you should just rent a clown. I actually spotted a guy in another town that is easy on my eyes and has similar interests, but after www AdultFriend Finder to score for SEX. If they don’t feel your easy, they call you every name in the book. Maybe some people are easy on that site, but some of us who truly are trying to find a relationship, I don’t think these men have a clue. Then on top of that, they lie by acting interested and in the meantime write to everyone else on the site putting another notch in their belt. Maybe some women put it www AdultFriend Finder www AdultFriend Finder