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By elena ca Sex Female Rating ***** Date January 10, 2012 permalink Visit ChristianMingle Beware of scoundrels and scalawags using this site to cheat people…I did my 1st online dating with this site hoping I will meet a real Christian in word and in deed.. He used Steve Miller , from NJ and posted a picture stating he’s 50 years old a self employed civil engineer according to him , I don’t www Adult Friend Finder somewhat in shape. What am -I- thinking? And then there’s those chaps that have a picture that was taken from like the Hubble Space Station. Lastly, there are those guys with no picture at all. Are you God expecting me to take a leap of faith here? I’m normal, have a good job, a good head on my shoulders, consider myself relatively cute, know enough (there’s Google for everything else) and www Adult Friend Finder $$$ IPO, time to travel all over the world, and hollywood looks. Good luck! Reviewed By Cindy california Sex Female Rating ***** Date August 08, 2004 permalink Visit JDate Ok, I think Jdate should be called Jsex site. What the guys have posted on the profiles and when you talk to them, is a whole different ballgame. They say they want marriage, longterm, but reality, they are just trying www Adult Friend Finder www Adult Friend Finder

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live. Also, I sent his children money, now look at me. I tried getting back to inform this company as I had trouble logging in and coming back on as a new person. You all need to make sure you are putting true people on your website, look at me now out of $20, for this site, and $1600. Please stop trying Sooooo hard to get the $20 and be true to the people on this site. Nannette Sims Reviewed www Adult Frend Finder don’t know, I guess looks mean more to me than I thought. I mean, there has to be SOME level of instant attraction, right? Some of these guys that have contacted me are, hmn how can I put this nicely, FRICKING SCARY! And if they aren’t scary looking, they look like OLD FARTS! When I say that I’m preparing for my first marathon…that’s a HINT that, well, maybe a good match for me would be www Adult Frend Finder many of the women that I have emailed are in their mid-thirties, I would have expected a higher response rate;I mean that’s not much of a commitment. My sense is that many women Jdaters in the Bay Area are just doing it to see how many emails they can accumulate, or possibly they are fullfilling some voyeuristic fantasy..or just waiting for their version of Mr. Perfect–the guy with multi-million www Adult Frend Finder www Adult Frend Finder


address. Now, Wayne Bush, from Plattsburg, NY. He expressed the same thing that he’s over in Africa, on a Project job from NY, and now he didn’t have enough money to get back here. I loaned him$ 1600. before Christmas, he was suppose to be back by ,December 10, so that meant my grand kids didn’t have a Christmas from me, and now my car was repo , I lost my house and now I have no where to sdultFriendFinder (Plenty Of Fish) On a scale from 1-5 (1 being the lowest, 5 being the highest), I give this site: Real Dating Potential: 1 Comic Relief Factor: 5 Much to my chagrin, I joined last Friday. Maybe it was that last glass of wine that gave me the liquid courage. Then soberness set in…countless messages later, I am afraid to log back in. Where do I start? A picture speaks a thousand words. I sdultFriendFinder and height/physical appearance. I have had 6 responses. By any measure, I am successful in my career, and have have had many interesting extracurricular experiences/adventures. I also have had my profile reviewed by several men and women (both single and married) to determine if there was some “turn-off” with my profile or photos. I’m not Brad Pitt, but hey… Given this vetting and that sdultFriendFinder sdultFriendFinder

sdult Friend Finder

John Morries, and Wayne Bush. These guys are frauds. They only want you to send them money to Africa, to help them out of Jams they got themselves in. John, wanted $2000. out of me and was Very upset when I didn’t have it to send. The names he called me and he didn’t even know me. John, even went and removed me from the site, without my permission and expressed this site gave him my email sdult Friend Finder from Ohio who wrote a review here on August 3rd. Your review had me laughing so hard! The women in Ohio clearly don’t know what they’re missing out on. You seem to have a great personality and I think you’re very intelligent. Hmmm, I wish there was a way to contact you Tom from Ohio. Reviewed By Michelle Pennsylvania Sex Female Rating ***** Date August 09, 2010 permalink Visit Plentyoffish sdult Friend Finder Their greed is tactless, and I eagerly await their demise and a kinder, gentler alternative. Reviewed By SL Bay Area Sex Male Rating ***** Date August 20, 2004 permalink Visit JDate Total Frustration: JDate has been a total disappointment–at least in the Bay Area. Over the past year, I have emailed approximately 75 women–95% of them by their profiles would be interested in someone my age sdult Friend Finder sdult Friend Finder


posing to be from Shelby, NC right now. oh my the Kharma this guy has coming down is Not good! This was from Christian Mingle! i definately need to get out more! Reviewed By Nannette Sims Shelby, N.C. Sex Female Rating ***** Date January 25, 2012 permalink Visit ChristianMingle I want to inform this company of the Poor response I recieved from this website. I spoke with 2 men from this website, dultFriendFinder tagline don’t be boring your full of life… I hope This will be useful for someone but any dating site will work best if you can capture about you not just you… I rate POF a 5 out fo all of them that I have seen Reviewed By Kelli Montreal, Canada Sex Female Rating ***** Date August 09, 2010 permalink Visit Plentyoffish (Plenty Of Fish) The five start isn’t for POF. Its actually for Tom dultFriendFinder way to caution others about scam artists on JDate. You know, ungrateful women who may have little interest in you other than as a meal ticket. My only complaint about JDate is that they’ve become greedy assholes, charging like 500 times what they did when I first posted a profile some years ago. And they even hire people to police their site to purge email addresses embedded in profiles. dultFriendFinder dultFriendFinder

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bucks a month, such a rip off. Reviewed By rosa waters glens falls new yor Sex Female Rating ***** Date February 05, 2012 permalink Visit ChristianMingle well, well Nann we have both met Wayne Bush from Plattsburgh and he is now needing money so his son can have an operation from a terrible fall, and please he loves me so much. thank you for your review. what a creep his “friend Jason” is dult match maker of you posing they are probaly not going to be very good unless you are a model… If you like fishing why not have fishing pictures… something that if someone of the oppisite sex seen and had the similar interest would want to know more… In the about me please refrain from using I AM 1000 times… Try to imagine meeting someone and using I AM it just would not work… Be creative with dult match maker as silly and whine about the 100-word minimium requirement. Smart, intriguing, interesting and serious women would, rather, love to talk about themselves. And I agree with the comment below that 99% percent of JDate women write, “I love to laugh,” in their profiles. Well, who doesn’t “love to laugh? That doesn’t help me decide they’re the right one for me. I also think there should be a dult match maker dult match maker

dult Friend Finder

I bought a 3 month subcription only to find a couple of grannies and woman in the states. There is not a wide range of people on this wesite.. personally i think its a complete waste of time. I tried to upload a picture of my family in I on the beach and it was rejected because i had my shirt off. Its christian mingle not Muslim mingle. They should have a free trial or something. its 30 dult Friend Finder some pixie dust and would were green tights… I like intellegent woman that have a sense of humor… I have made many friends from Plenty of Fish and there are many dating sites I found it to have my kind of people laid back but with the ability to be serious if they need be. I have found that Having Pictures that are of your life… ones that ask questions… If you profile pictures consist dult Friend Finder political events. Instead, JDate puts many of them right in front of you, easy to find. Unfortunately, many JDate women — even in DC, which has the highest per capita rate of college degrees in the country, according to the US Census — are so shallow and uninteresting. Instead of exploiting and fully completing the questions JDate asks of them in their profiles, they criticise those questions dult Friend Finder dult Friend Finder


loose weight or better myself for anybody. People always say that, and I disagree, yes you should put effort into your appearance, try to be a healthy weight, and put on a good impression, but in the end, you should be able to be yourself. Reviewed By j1 Sex Male Rating ***** Date February 09, 2012 permalink Visit ChristianMingle abosolutely worst dating website by far. The admin are rude. AultFriendFinder as I sent it I had a three paragraph response… She thought it was funny and intelligent… At first she was kinda reserved and had her gaurd up but as time went on she relaxed and was very funny… You or I realy have no idea what the other person has went through!!!! another example was a profile and it consisted of the fairysname in petterpan— I sent a email telling her that I had AultFriendFinder dates. Reviewed By J.S. Washington, DC Sex Male Rating ***** Date September 02, 2004 permalink Visit JDate I view JDate as a necessary evil. I’ve had a profile on it for several years, but only became an “active” member recently after ending a two-year relationship that didn’t start on JDate. In this town, few Jewish women seem to hang out where Jewish guys do, such as in bars or even at AultFriendFinder AultFriendFinder

Ault Friend Finder

am still doing my normal social groups as well, but most of the men there do not seem to want a girlfriend and I am not going to wait around. Overall, I want somebody who wants the same things as me and accepts me for who I am, education wise and career wise as well as look wise. I do repressent myself in the best way, make myself look nice and act intelligent, but I do not feel like I should Ault Friend Finder as him when I first was divorced… Reading profile after profile, sending emails that could have been part of a comedy skit… This although funny may be met with a stone cold silence… I have also wrote some of what I thought were senseless emails and I recieved responses… One time I read a profile and she was a IT Speacialist so I sent her a 8 bit message just saying hello… as soon Ault Friend Finder true. To sum up, I wasted a lot of time, effort, emails, and money to get absolutely nothing. For every woman out there looking for a serious relationship, there are many more who want the man who has looks, money, brains, and athleticism all in one over 6 foot tall package. Problem is, those sorts of guys (whom I personally don’t believe exist) don’t need online dating services to find Ault Friend Finder Ault Friend Finder


prevent me from meeting a nice man. I did the free sites, dated a man from 6 months, the first real relationship I have had from a man I met over the computer, prior to that I was lucky enough to meet men that were in my social circle. After that, I dated a few men I was introeduced to, but it was not easy, and I did not have much luck so I went back to online, and did all those sites. I AudultFriendFinder emails. I encourage questions. I like the challenge to see just exactly how you can handle the truth about someone and find it intriguing! Look for ‘gomama’ in POF. I’ll give you a run for your money! Reviewed By John naples Sex Male Rating ***** Date August 09, 2010 permalink Visit Plentyoffish (Plenty Of Fish) 5 stars for Tom (aug 3 post) also… I probaly was much in the same position AudultFriendFinder nor am I trying to blame everyone for everything; I’m simply telling others what the results of my experiences at JDate were. Needless to say, I got tired of it, and removed all my information from the site. The points made by others about rising costs, inability to see contacts without paying, poor responses, 2+ years inactive users, and the general shallowness of the service are all very AudultFriendFinder AudultFriendFinder