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too picky”. and decided to give him a chance! What a huge mistake!!!!! The first two dates went well but quickly he became very controlling and I honestly believe that he has an “inappropriate relationship” with his teen daughters!We only dated for 1 month but he was moving at the speed of lighting! He all but twisted my arm to meet his daughters when I insisted that I was not ready but Aldult Friend Finder any success. However, I have a hard time recommending against it though since it, in the end, does open up another social avenue. Plenty of Fish isn’t a very high quality dating site, though it is one of the better free dating sites I’ve been on. Reviewed By prettyflower wisconsin Sex Female Rating ***** Date August 09, 2010 permalink Visit Plentyoffish (Plenty Of Fish) I love plenty of Aldult Friend Finder Jewish singles. Best of luck to all of you, Matt Reviewed By litalomolita Freeport,NY Sex Female Rating ***** Date October 01, 2004 permalink Visit JDate actually if I could rate this site a negative 4 , I would! 🙂 My experience with this site has been abyssmal…(Now I hardly ever use that word!). I’ve met a slew of men who have the chutzpah to claim they’re single and searching…when Aldult Friend Finder Aldult Friend Finder

Aldult Freind Finder

Most of the men on this site are divorced w/children, overweight and unattractive! I am an attractive, young woman,never married nor have children! I met one guy who was middle aged,divorced with two teenage daughters! He was a self proclaiming Christian and also works in law enforcement, Not quite what I was looking for (with the baggage of divorce and kids) but I thought, “maybe I’m being Aldult Freind Finder Visit Plentyoffish (Plenty Of Fish) My gut feeling is that dating sites like this one favor women way too much to be useful for most men. Although I can get the occasional date from the site, it does seem to require quite a bit of work (well written profile, good pics, sending out messages quite frequently). If you’re a guy without a lot to offer though, I can’t imagine you’re gonna have Aldult Freind Finder never read. What’s the point? I do have a suggestion for an alternative. This is a fairly new site that at the time of this writing is free and I believe they share my feelings above. It’s only currently for those of us in the USA, but I think they’re doing a great job. It’s . Give them a try hopefully they’ll grow fast and be a much easier way to meet other Aldult Freind Finder Aldult Freind Finder


his church was letting him preach at family services where he would bring his dates before he was divorced from wife number 3. I have never seen anything like this before. Church of God sure has changed. I cancelled my account and will have nothing to do with them. Reviewed By Kate MI Sex Female Rating ***** Date March 29, 2012 permalink Visit ChristianMingle I wish I could give CM a 0 star! AfultFriendFinder 3rd. Your review had me laughing so hard! The women in Ohio clearly don’t know what they’re missing out on. You seem to have a great personality and I think you’re very intelligent. Hmmm, I wish there was a way to contact you Tom from Ohio. Tom from Ohio who posted Aug 3rd, look for Histidine on POF 😉 Reviewed By Funmagnet California Sex Male Rating ***** Date August 09, 2010 permalink AfultFriendFinder you sent it to pay to read it!! If I shipped out a gift (a first contact should be a nice thing I would think) and then found they had to pay for the delivery guy to leave it I would be pissed. Well that is what JDate is doing turn your attempt to contact a potential Beshert into a financial transaction. I was a member for quite some time before I realized this is why 75% of my email was AfultFriendFinder AfultFriendFinder

Afult Friend Finder

odd. Then he proceed to let me know he had met his soul mate who was a widow in Georgia. God led him to her as she owned property and I didn’t. He actually said that and bragged about her having no family to interfere in their lives! I later met his last wife & found out when he was seeing me he wasn’t even divorced. This is not a site for Christians, predators, but not Christians. And yes Afult Friend Finder I’ve written on my profile is the truth, but no woman seems to appreciate that! I’m so fed up and aggravated that now I just bluntly answer back to these women out of frustration. Reviewed By Histidine Canada Sex Female Rating ***** Date August 10, 2010 permalink Visit Plentyoffish (Plenty Of Fish) The five star isn’t for POF. Its actually for Tom from Ohio who wrote a review here on August Afult Friend Finder love, nearby or thousands of miles from them. Good luck to everyone to find their true love. Reviewed By Matt Detroit, MI Sex Male Rating ***** Date October 02, 2004 permalink Visit JDate I see there are a lot of reviewers here who agree with me, but I wanted to make a suggestion so I’ll keep this short. I think it’s ridiculous that JDate makes you pay to send email then makes the person Afult Friend Finder Afult Friend Finder

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to being married 3 times with 5 children none of whom he has contact with. I started asking around about him & found that the reason he has no contact with his children was the sexual misconduct charges brought against him by 2 of his wives. Of course they were lies he said and the charges were dropped after they refused to testify in court. But 2 wives more than 10 years apart is a bit Adylt Friend Finder always being ignored, am I monstrously hideous? Am I badly disfigured? Personally, I don’t think my pictures are bad and I think I’m not bad looking. in person ppl keep saying I’m “good looking” and keep asking where the girls are at, which really confuses and surprises me when I hear that and then on pof I get totally different responses. So, I ask again what is wrong with me?, Also everything Adylt Friend Finder I am a foreigner (9 years in the country), which makes it much more difficult. Anyway, I go under VIRKOS on Jdate, my e-mail is, so if you’re interested in getting to know or want to say something “in my face” 🙂 feel free to do so. By the way, I’m not attached to Houston at all, so I’m interested in girls all over the world. No one knows where they can find their true Adylt Friend Finder Adylt Friend Finder


man last year. Said he was a family minister in his church recently ordained (internet) and called himself Pastor Ray. He spoke sweetly to me telling me all about how God wants us to be happy and love one another in marriage. Yes he spoke of marriage right away. I met him for dinner & he seemed nice but kept referring to his last wife with anger bordering on hatred. On asking he admitted AdutlFriendFinder what their body type is like, Im just emphasizing the situation. So how is that suppose to make me feel? Like a sloppy second. Then I read girls’ reviews and they’re complaining that most guys they get attracted to end up being jerks, liars, scumbags, players, etcs… and when a decent guy writes to them who is being honest they just ignore him. Seriously, I keep asking myself to why Im AdutlFriendFinder Sex and the City 🙂 ), so girls who want marriage cannot find the right guy. Houston has much more guys to choose from comparing to girls, so that guys cannot get a date and girls keep choosing ( plus the community is very small and spread out). Alot depends on age. People who are in their late 20’s have problems finding someone, let me leave it without explanation, just personal observations. AdutlFriendFinder AdutlFriendFinder

Adutl Friend Finder

IN SHORT, DO NOT WASTE TIME ON THIS WEBSITE. THEY WILL NOT HELP YOU OR PROVIDE ANY MODICUM OF CUSTOMER SUPPORT SHOULD YOU LOSE ACCESS TO YOUR PAID ACCOUNT OR EXPERIENCE ANY TECHNICAL PROBLEMS WHATSOEVER. Reviewed By Mary Ray Cattlesburg, KY Sex Female Rating ***** Date May 19, 2012 permalink Visit ChristianMingle It really should get -5 stars. I met what I thought was a wonderful Christian Adutl Friend Finder msgs to girls and most of them read them but for some reason they always leave it unanswered. Whereas The 3girls out the 100 who do write back, only do so cuz they are just as frustrated as I am and had bad experience with guys.What even astonishes me is when I check the “who viewed me” section I notice that even the most fat and mediocre looking girls dont even write to me! Not that I care Adutl Friend Finder are willing to pay for finding a date are either: – very desperate ( rarely a good catch) – very busy ( career oriented, looking for a VERY successful partner) – very demanding (very good looking, sometimes even smart, looking for a VERY good looking guy with the whole package) Alot depends on the area. For example: NY has a lot of career oriented men who are not ready to settle ( go watch Adutl Friend Finder Adutl Friend Finder

and IE, even clearing caches. I tried writing to them again about this issue as well. How do they ever expect to get customers if people can’t even sign up anymore? I think you know by now what the response was. “Unfortunately, I am not seeing a cause for the problem you are having. Your best option is to restore your browsers default settings and to contact your ISP (Internet Service Provider.)” I have my issues and faults but I know what works for me and what doesn’t. 🙂 As you can see, I really don’t take this site seriously. LOL Reviewed By Saro Montreal Sex Male Rating ***** Date August 10, 2010 permalink Visit Plentyoffish (Plenty Of Fish) I read some of the comments on this site made about POF and I can tell you that I share my frustration with most guys. I have sent so many e-mails from girls whom I’d never consider. I happened 2-3 times for 5 years ( not alot either). Now, about membership. I was a paying member for months, but it did not get me anything but waste of money, time, and hopes. I think that the main problem is that good looking smart girls I like do not go on Jdate, they can get a date without going online. I know plenty of examples. Girls who


eternal). Lo and behold, every time you finish filling out all 20 pages of their form (or what feels like it), and finally click Complete Registration, it suddenly goes back to the home page. That’s it. It doesn’t complete your registration, it DELETES it. You just wasted 10 minutes of your life filling out something that their website throws out the window. I tested this in Chrome, Firefox, AdutFriendFinder that have 2 or 3 different fathers (That just doesn’t work for me) If you have been divorced less than two years If you only shave your legs twice a week…. Ughhh….. (Can you say HYGIENE?) If you live with room mates If you are in AA or if you are a DUI offender If you are still writing checks at the Supermarket. LOL (Can you say DEBIT CARD) LMAO Yes we all bring stuff to the table and AdutFriendFinder 🙂 I’m a Russian Jew ( I consider myself to be more Jewish than Russian). I’ve had 5 dates from Jdate for 5 years. I do not want to tell you about my looks ( I think I look good, but it’s subjective). I’m not a doctor, neither a lawyer, I’m not 6 feet tall (5’8″). I work and study my way through life. So, my life is in order. I just do not understand why I do not get any replies. I’ve had AdutFriendFinder AdutFriendFinder

Adut Friend Finder

I am not seeing a cause for the problem you are having. Your best option is to restore your browsers default settings and to contact your ISP (Internet Service Provider.)” So they either have an incredibly stupid person who doesn’t read emails doing customer support, or just an automated program that sends out templates. * * * My next step was to try to create a new account (hope springs Adut Friend Finder own a “Trac Phone” where you have to buy your minutes If you don’t know how to text or have a limited text plan (This is usually women over 43 yrs old) If you are looking for a man with money to take care of you If you are looking for a man with a Harley (No biker chicks please) LOL If you are not over your last relationship If you put a man before your children If you have 2 or 3 children Adut Friend Finder 24, 2004 permalink Visit JDate Hm, I’ve read many different reviews so far. I want to stick my big jewish nose into the matter as well 🙂 I live in Houston, TX. It has an incredibally small Jewish community for 4 million population city. Everyone knows each other. I see the same faces for years on Jdate. I’ve been on Jdate on and off for 5 years. I’m 29 now, so it’s the good age for dating Adut Friend Finder Adut Friend Finder